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Hair trend alert for 2022: The side-part bob haircut

Hair trend alert for 2022: The side-part bob haircut

Side partings became a controversial topic when they got #cancelled on TikTok. But no-one’s about to tell us how (or where) to wear our hair. The side-part bob sits in the same camp, with the parting flipped over, which – bonus – boosts volume.

We may have been all about side-shifted fringes in high school, but middle partings have ruled beauty trends since the end of the noughties, and some Gen Zers even dubbed the side-part a “cheugy” throwback millennial trend that, like skinny jeans and the word #girlboss, deserved to stay in 2004. While we agree that #girlboss needs to go in the bin, recently the “contrary” side parting has picked up celebrity support in the wake of #sidepartinggate and pro hairstylists Dom Seeley and Tom Smith both predicted it would be one of autumn’s biggest hair trends.

“Dare I say it, I’ve seen a resurrection of the side part creeping back into the mainstream,” Dom told us. “Mainly with updos at the moment, thanks to the Kardashian-Jenner clan and JLo, but I’m seeing more of a side part fringe recently with, Billie Eilish, Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox wearing it, so I feel the side part is making a comeback for this season,” he said. Meanwhile, Tom declared “I think we’re going to be seeing a lot more of that comfy, cosy glamour and I think the flipped over parting and flipped over fringes are going to be really, really big – whether that’s a sleeker side parting, or a proper fringe flipped over, both are going to work really well.” 

It follows that its cropped equivalent is picking up popularity, with the flipped, or side-part bob about to go big, since blunt bobs remain one of the most in-demand cuts.

We’ve seen the chic French girl bob sweep our social media feeds, thanks to it’s low maintenance yet endlessly chic appeal, as well as the clavicle-skimming ‘collarbone bob’, which is a great compromise for those who don’t fancy taking too many inches off their length.

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But, there’s something oh-so-cool about a side-parted bob. It can feel elegant or edgy and best of all, it suits all face shapes and can help to frame the features. 

Even better, it’s exceptionally versatile. It looks equally as good flipped over to one side, Hollywood wave style, with a tousled texture as it does slicked down with a wet look finish. Plus, it’s incredibly low maintenance, making it one of our favourite options out of all the many, many bob trends.

To anyone who still needs convincing, here’s a round up of some of the best side part bob hair cuts to screenshot and take with you to your next salon appointment…

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