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Women’s clothing store in Toronto permanently closing after 7 years

Women’s clothing store in Toronto permanently closing after 7 years

A store for contemporary women’s clothing in Toronto has announced they’ll be permanently closing their doors.

The Dot Boutique was originally located in Koreatown, but has since moved to Queen West. The clothes they stocked brought together the youthful freshness of their first neighbourhood and the edginess of their final home, with lots of Asian styles.

“Thank you all for supporting us during the last 7 years,” the shop wrote in an Instagram post. “We have some amazing deals in the shop, come and check it out.”

Many people responded with sadness to the news on Instagram, with lots of people commenting asking if an online shop could remain open.

“I only justtt discovered your store and I genuinely think I’m in love,” one person commented. “Every great outfit I have is from your boutique,” commented another. Someone else commented it was their favourite store in Toronto, and one person even asked if The Dot would ship to Regina.

“Very sad to see you guys close,” someone commented. “This place is one of a kind.”

Because of the closure, the shop is having a closing sale with up to 70 per cent off prices.

The store was opened by Yan Di in 2015, and she also owns Mr. Pen, which she opened in 2013. Her parents owned a clothing factory in China where she’s from, and as a petite woman she always stocked the shop with lots of clothes for women with smaller frames.

“Due to personal reasons I can’t manage the shop anymore. But we might come back in the future,” Di tells blogTO.

“I also own the stationery shop Mr. Pen in Toronto, it’s been a lot of work for me during the past years and I’ve decided to focus on that for now.”

Di says her landlord has told her a vintage shop might rent the space.

The Dot is closing by the end of March. Until then, they should still be open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day.