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Woman takes drastic measures after catching boyfriend ‘stealing’ her skin care products: ‘Just break up’

Woman takes drastic measures after catching boyfriend ‘stealing’ her skin care products: ‘Just break up’

A woman is furious with her boyfriend for using her expensive skin care products.

She shared her story on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA).” She has such severe eczema that she’s been hospitalized for it and spends hundreds of dollars on skin care. The issue is her boyfriend carelessly uses it because he doesn’t want to pay for his own.

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“I (21f) and my boyfriend (23m) have been living together for 2 years,” she said. “There has always been a bit of money struggle as I used to make more than him and have usually been picking up the slack in our house hold. However, I have started a new job and am earning a lot less than before so I’ve started to be more cautious about the amount I am spending.”

She used to purchase all his toiletries and household items, but she can no longer afford to.

“I asked him multiple times to please not use my stuff and even bought him his own skin care so that he could have his own things,” she explained. “The thing that set me off was that I had bought myself a $220 dollar face wash that is only supposed to be used sparingly. I have horrible ezcema that I have prescriptions for and the products I buy are specifically for my ezcema. I hadn’t used it in a while and when I picked up the bottle it was empty. He laughed and said he would replace it and then refused when he learnt of the price.”

After taking inventory, she realized he had used $800 worth of product in three months. So she took things into her own hands.

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“I ended up buying a safe that I put under the sink and I put everything I had left inside and hid the key so when I go to shower and get ready I can use my own things and not worry about not affording to keep my skin in check. When he found out he lost it and said that I was overreacting and that I don’t trust him,” she wrote.

Redditors felt the boyfriend was bad news.

“If you’re at the ‘buy a safe because I can’t trust him to not use my stuff’ stage, just break up,” a person wrote.

“He’s maliciously stealing her medication, knowing that it’s expensive, then laughing about it, and refusing to pay her back,” another added.

“His priorities are simple. Him, then his convenience and comfort, then his bank account, then her health,” a Redditor replied.

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