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Woman saves on beauty haul with loyalty program

A woman on TikTok went viral after reducing $600 worth of beauty products to 30 cents using the Ulta rewards program.

TikToker Dayanara Herrera (@dayanara.herrera5) posted a video that shows her checking out her purchases at her local Ulta, a beauty store.

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The video shows Herrera’s receipt at a shocking $677.64. However, the surprises just keep coming as the video continues.

“WHO WANT A HAUL?” Herrera wrote in the caption.

TikTokers were mind-blown by the way Herrera exponentially reduced her Ulta receipt using the store’s rewards program.

“Forget the makeup haul, HOW DID YOU GET THAT MUCH OFF? How many points did you have?” A TikToker asked.

“I RAN to go check how many points I had… $3 worth,” another said.

Ulta is one of many beauty retailers that offers a loyalty program to its customers. According to the Ulta website, the Ultamate Rewards program allows customers to earn points for every dollar spent at the store; customers can save up the points to redeem products or beauty services of their choice.

In a follow-up video, Herrera provided tips on making the most of the Ulta rewards program.

Herrera informed viewers to make an Ulta account and download the Ulta app to keep track of how many points they have earned from their purchases. She emphasized the importance of keeping updated on the Ulta app’s special promotions to collect points faster.

“There’s always gonna be offers going around. You do have to click and activate all of the offers in order to get points. [It’s] even faster than just buying stuff without activating offers,” Herrera explained.

Herrera also described the different privileges for each tier of Ulta’s rewards program. Herrera, a Diamond member, urges users to boost their loyalty status to Diamond or Platinum to prevent point expiration. She also explained how she utilizes Ulta’s credit card services to rack up extra loyalty points.

Despite the amazing saving opportunities, some TikTokers were turned off by the amount of money that has to be spent in order to get to the higher membership tiers of Ulta’s rewards program.

“I do that as well, but I don’t see how you did all that and took off $500 worth of makeup. Like, those coupons don’t do that much,” one TikToker wrote.

“So this isn’t really a deal. You’re just spending money, using points from spent money, and using regular Ulta discounts,” another TikTok user said.

Amid the discourse, Herrera went on to post what she bought for her extravagant makeup haul. Herrera bought a total of 34 items.

While the products may be worth raving about, some TikTokers do not believe that the products Herrera bought were worth their original price.

“The fact that all this is around $600… the beauty industry is a scam,” someone wrote.

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