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Why Latin Superstar Maluma Is Launching A Clothing Line For Men And Women

Why Latin Superstar Maluma Is Launching A Clothing Line For Men And Women

Maluma is one of the most notable music celebrities, with a growing social media following of 93 million. The singer and songwriter made his way from the streets of Medellin, Colombia, to a global platform. He has blossomed into an actor, featured in the 2022 film Marry Me, starring Jennifer Lopez, and is giving back to his home as a philanthropist with his “El Arte De Los Sueños” non-profit foundation helping kids stay off the streets.

Maluma has also made waves doing what most influencers know how to do best, convey a unique style attainable [or not] for their following. Maluma has been working to inspire a generation to dream through his fashion sense.

Maluma has launched his fashion label Royalty by Maluma, hoping to bring his fashion aesthetic to fans of all genders. Royalty by Maluma is a partnership with Reunited Clothing, an apparel company specializing in influencer brands and pivoting their production to 70% sustainable processes by consulting factories they work with and utilizing recycled and organic yarns by 2025. With the Macy’s as the exclusive retailer, the Royalty by Maluma name will be affordable and attainable for all to have.

The brand features the couture aesthetic Maluma has been synonymous with, modeling for Versace and even collaborating with Olivier Rousteing and the Balmain Maison. The Latin singer has had a lifelong admiration for high-end fashion and has been fortunate enough to experience it. Maluma wants his fans and community to feel the same sense of inspiration in clothing designed with attention to detail and the idea that the men’s and women’s styles can be mixed and matched depending on how you style yourself.

“Royalty by Maluma is a unique blend of my Latin culture and my love for fashion, with stylish wear-anywhere looks that are versatile for a night out or every day. In addition, my partnership with Reunited Clothing for Macy’s represents the American Dream. This will be the first of multiple drops in my collection that I hope will inspire my fans to dream,” says Maluma, the global pop star. He is certainly living the American Dream for those in his home country of Colombia, those who live here in the United States.

Filled with matching sets of tops and bottoms for the spring and the summer, Maluma shares silhouettes that share a box-like, oversized cut in suiting made for dinner dates and brunch by the pool. For men, more traditional shapes with expressive detailing add flare, and for women, a display of cropping and cut-outs to heighten femininity.

The entire collection pops of color, sharing hues that represent Maluma’s home of Medellin. There are many styles that this premier collection can cover with bleach denim design, knits, gradient tones, paisley prints, checkered patterns, familiar foliage, and flower-like designs. Royalty by Maluma features elevated basics in matching sets and single pieces like the hoodie with a necklace chain attached and a similar chain design on the jumpsuit for women.

Maluma has a clear message revealing “the meaning of ‘Royalty’ is to treat others with respect, love, and understanding. I want everyone to feel like kings and queens when wearing this collection,” he says. Available from March 24, 2022, the Royalty by Maluma’s first collection will be available exclusively at Macy’s and just in time for the spring weather. Durand Guion, Vice President, Macy’s Fashion Office, says “Maluma’s impeccable sense of style and inclusive commitment to celebrating the beauty and sexiness of everyone whoever they are made him an ideal partner to collaborate with.” This Royalty by Maluma collection is ready for any street-style moment to come your way.