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Why I Don’t Wear My Diamond Ring Anymore, Even Though I’m Happily Married

When my husband proposed to me, he presented me with a beautiful ring that featured...

When my husband proposed to me, he presented me with a beautiful ring that featured a small diamond from his mother’s original engagement ring. I loved it because of its history and because it represented a commitment that we were making together.

But, if I’m being totally honest, the diamond ring never really felt at home on my finger.

It never really felt like “me.”

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The truth is, I have never been a diamond person and I don’t agree with the idea that diamonds are every girl’s best friend. That is why I no longer wear my original wedding ring and wear one with my favorite stone, turquoise, instead.

Unconventional engagement rings are becoming more popular. Many people are wanting to find a ring that’s unique to them and/or more cost-effective.

These rings can be simple or elaborate and vintage or trendy. Some feature pearls, gemstones, or tiny diamonds, and others shine on their own as a simple band.

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There are no rules, and that’s what I ultimately decided for myself. I’m not worried about how other people feel about my ring, after all — I’m the one wearing it every day!

Despite what clever marketing campaigns would have you believe, not all people are concerned about the size of the diamond on their finger — or whether it even has one — when they get engaged.