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Why Do These Women’s Clothes Exist, For God’s Sake?

Why Do These Women’s Clothes Exist, For God’s Sake?

Some clothes are just uncomfortable no matter how pretty they look. Yes, we’re talking about clothes like underwire bras and jumpsuits and five other clothes we should throw away for peace of mind. 

1. Underwire bras 

First of all, bras already hurt your chest, then you people now went and added an underwire to it. I don’t believe the person that made this had the best intentions for women and that’s facts. 

2. Jumpsuits 

Everyone likes jumpsuits but then you want to pee and you have to take the whole thing off. Yeah — no, not the best creation out there. 

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3. Heavy laced Iro and Buba

Iro and Buba look so pretty, especially in pictures but God, those things are heavy as fuck. Then you add a tight ass gele on top and coral beads. I hail people that can wear this often. 

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4. Clothes with stones 

Not only are they are a tailor’s nightmare, it hurts to wash them. It’s either the stones are falling off or they’re giving your hands small injuries and marks. Even wearing this kind of clothes is stressful; they just look pretty for nothing

5. Leggings

Leggings itch so much! They are versatile, yes, but also very uncomfortable. Good ones are also hard to find and they can cause yeast infections. Ugh. 

6. Girdles 

Whoever created girdles wanted women to suffer. No other item of clothing reaches the level of discomfort that girdles offer — nothing but pure wickedness. 

7. Clothes without pockets 

If in 2022, you’re still creating clothes for women without pockets, we’re here to tell you that you are wrong. #givewomenpockets 

Not convinced, read why women love pockets. 

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