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Watsons says redefinition of beauty driving women to focus on sustainability and health

Watsons conducted two surveys to gain insight into the inner workings of the modern woman.

One survey polled 11,000 women across 12 markets in Asia and Europe to find out how women defined beauty.

The company said that the point of the survey was to understand how women’s perception of beauty has evolved, especially in the last two challenging years with COVID-19.

The results revealed that inner beauty was becoming a crucial barometer of beauty. Overall, 75% of women agreed that inner beauty was more important than physical beauty.

This view was shared among many markets including the Philippines (96%), Malaysia (91%), Thailand (86%), Hong Kong (83%) and Taiwan (82%).

Inner beauty was defined by feeling healthy and contributing positively to their communities and the planet.

“Inner beauty is the real beauty of a woman that goes far beyond how you look,”​ said Malina Ngai, CEO of A.S. Watson, Asia and Europe.

“Women think that the most beautiful thing in their life is to do good to family and friends, community and planet, and staying healthy. It means that doing good and taking care of your physical and mental health can make you feel good, beautiful, and confident, which are essential to cultivating women’s inner beauty,” ​she told CosmeticsDesign-Asia.

Ngai said that the survey reflects the growing interest in sustainable beauty products Watsons has observed.

The company has been working to increase its curation of such products in recent years and currently offers over 1,600 sustainable beauty and personal care products.