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This Fashion Couple Documented Their First Paris Fashion Week Together

This Fashion Couple Documented Their First Paris Fashion Week Together

This Fashion Couple Documented Their First Paris Fashion Week Together
Courtesy of Renaud Labelle

As someone who works in fashion, getting invited to press events and attending fashion shows is a part of the job. And although it can be rewarding and exciting, navigating the ever-growing social scene often pushes you outside of your comfort zone along the way. However, having a plus one, if able to bring one, can make all the difference – especially when your plus one is your spouse.

Fortunately, for Candace Marie and Alioune Fall, they don’t have to count on being granted a plus one when attending events for work because chances are they have both been invited. Marie has been able to attend Paris Fashion Week a few times before on her own, but this most recent season, the beautiful couple was able to experience the City of Love together.

“I’m so accustomed to attending Paris Fashion Week by myself, that it was a breath of fresh air to be able to attend it with Alioune,” Marie told ESSENCE. “As a Black woman, it’s common to go into these spaces – especially on an international scale – and not really see anyone that looks like you, so it can often deter one from feeling enthusiastic about showing up. But, having him with me through it all was the best experience I’ve ever had when it comes to going to PFW.” She added, “I’m usually ready to go home after such a long stint in Paris, but being with him made me want to stay even longer.”

Young, Black love! We love to see it. While Marie and Fall both reflected on how great it was to enjoy each other’s company, we can imagine another exciting part of their experience was putting together their outfits. “It was my first time attending Paris Fashion Week as a talent and it felt surreal to be able to do so with the person that I love and want to be with all of the time,” said Fall. “With both of us having an immense passion for the luxury fashion space, I found it extremely delightful to dress the both of us in similar yet different looks.”

Needless to say, Marie and Fall made sure to bring their elite style to Paris. Ahead, see all of the coordinated looks that they wore for Paris Fashion Week, and discover the attached memories.

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