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These men’s hairstyle trends are set to be big in 2022

These men’s hairstyle trends are set to be big in 2022

pictures of men modelling trendy haircuts for 2022

Think natural curls, curtains and the Shag (Picture: Taylor Taylor London/Getty)

New year, new trends to keep track of.

We’ve already seen hairstyles like the mixie and bixie emerge for femmes in 2022, but what about trends elsewhere on the gender spectrum?

We asked Ben Grace, director at salon Taylor Taylor London, what he thinks the next big trends in male and masc-presenting hair will be this year.

It’s good news for wavy and curly lads…

The Shag

a man modelling a shag haircut

70s chic isn’t going anywhere (Picture: Taylor Taylor London)

The Shag hairstyle was popularised again last year, and it’s showing no signs of letting up in 2022.

‘Think of a modern Mick Jagger look,’ says Ben, with lots of layers and movement.’

‘It’s the perfect unisex hairstyle that can be made short or long depending on the look you’re going for.

‘It’s also ideal for wavy or curly hair because it creates a tousled, undone effect that works well with all the texture.’

Embracing natural curls

Look after those curls (Picture: Taylor Taylor London)

Put those straighteners down – gone are the days of hiding our glorious curly locks.

‘This year is all about embracing your natural curls by adding a fringe and leaving it long on top,’ explains Ben.

‘When cutting curly hair, always go longer than you think as curly hair shrinks, and don’t be afraid to ask your hairstylist to cut your hair whilst it’s dry to avoid it being too short after shrinking.

‘If done properly it shouldn’t need loads of styling, but curly hair can easily get more dehydrated than straight hair, so it’s important to add extra moisture.

‘We recommend Løre Originals Define + Finish hairstyling cream to enhance and define all types of curls, allowing natural movement and definition.’


Don’t fear the curtains (Picture: Taylor Taylor London)

The 90’s and Y2K are other retro eras that have strong chokeholds on fashion at the moment, so it naturally follows that curtains are coming back.

‘Think middle parts and floppy fringes,’ says Ben.

‘This look is great if you’re looking for something low-maintenance as it looks good grown out, so you can go a few months between cuts.

‘It can also be tailored to your face shape and hair texture and is a very versatile look. It can be worn longer too, so around the cheekbones or chin (think Backstreet Boys).

‘We’re definitely seeing a lot of 90’s influence at the moment, from clothes to hair. Bring a photo of young Leonardo DiCaprio to the salon for inspo.’

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