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These 13 Hairstyle Trends Are Going to Be Everywhere This Summer

These 13 Hairstyle Trends Are Going to Be Everywhere This Summer

These 13 Hairstyle Trends That Are Going to Be Everywhere This Summer

These 13 Hairstyle Trends That Are Going to Be Everywhere This Summer

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Summer’s finally here, and we’re ready to go out and celebrate the occasion. After months of hat hair, we’re excited to finally come out from our shells with a big bang. That means new hair color, fun makeup, and lots of fun hairstyles.

Hey, we love a makeover.

This summer, experts are predicting a wide range of hairstyles will be trending, and there are options for every hair length, curl pattern, and texture. From tousled pixies and air-dried waves to face-framing braids and natural volume, here are the 13 hairstyles that will be everywhere this summer.

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1. Bouncy Blowouts

The thing about classic looks is that they never go out of style, and while bouncy, sexy hair has always been a go-to, it’s going to take center stage this summer.

To get the look, New York-based hairstylist Julius Michael, says to start by drying the hair with a large barrel brush. “Start with small sections and work the heat up the entire section of hair,” he says. “Remember to use the ‘cool shot’ button on your dryer to lock in the soft curl.”

Move on to each section until the hair is completely dry, then he says to brush it into that sexy summer style. “My go-to brush for this is the Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Thermal Brush 3 1/2  inches — the ceramic-coated barrel heats faster and maintains its heat throughout your styling and the ion technology eliminates frizz for the perfect blowout,” he says.

2. Air-Dried Waves

Summer is the perfect time to give your hair a break from heat tools and embrace your natural air-dried waves and curls.

“For better curls, the tip is to apply products on very wet hair. Don’t towel dry too much,” says Franck Izquierdo, the co-founder of IGK Hair Care.

He recommends mixing a hydrating hair balm with a blowout cream, and applying the mix to wet hair. Then, spritz the hair with an anti-frizz spray. The key for bouncy, nourished curls lays in the last step: “Finish with IGK’s Antisocial Overnight Bond Building Dry Hair Mask and Best Life 100% Plant-Powered Nourishing Hair Oil for shine and hydration — let air dry.”

3. Face-Framing Braids

Look no further than Hailey Bieber for the easiest, Cali-cool hairstyle that everyone will be rocking this season.

“If you want to give your beachy, textured look a fresh 2000s twist without any extra effort, just spray IGK Beach Club Volume Texture Spray into the rest of your hair,” recommends Izquierdo.

4. The Mixie

“This 70’s inspired cut is a hit!” declares Takisha Sturdivant-Drew, a New York-based celebrity hairstylist and Matrix brand ambassador. “This sleek straight summer short is the look for the season.”

To style it, she recommends spraying On wet hair, spray Matrix Instacure Anti Breakage Porosity Spray on wet hair, as it will control static and frizz while also visibly reducing the appearance of split ends.  After blow drying, Sturdivant-Drew uses a flat iron to smooth the hair out straight.

summer hairstyle trends

summer hairstyle trends

5. Blunt Bobs

Shorter cuts are back and the blunt bob has entered the chat. “This look is super chic and commands attention,” says Monae Everett, a celebrity hairstylist and Biolage ambassador. “The length is usually between the bottom of the ear and shoulders.”

summer hairstyle trends

summer hairstyle trends

6. Natural Volume

Sturdivant-Drew has declared this the summer of natural volume — and we’re here for it.

She says that to keep voluminous curls full, she recommends the moisturizing leave-in cream from Matrix’s A Curl Can Dream line as it “provides moisture and definition, without flaking or crunch.” Then, to maintain the volume all day, she says to finish with the brand’s Vavoom Extra Full Spray to set the style.

7. Disheveled Pixie

Super short hair is perfect for for sweaty summers, and thankfully, this length is going to be all the rage. “Pixies of all types are going to be huge this season, but the disheveled pixie will take center stage leaving a bit more length to be played with,” says celebrity hairstylist and Biolage curl specialist, Cynthia Alvarez.

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8. Sleek Updos

Keep your hair looking polished all day and off your neck in the summer heat with a sleek pony or bun.

To get this look, Izquierdo recommends blowdrying the hair with IGK’s Good Behavior 4-in-1 Prep Spray. Once hair is dry and pulled back, he says to slick it back into a ponytail using the brand’s previously-recommended hair oil. To set the style, spritz the look with a flexible-hold hairspray.

summer hairstyle trends

summer hairstyle trends

9. The Shullet

This take on the mullet is the 2022 way to wear this trend.

“This look consists of a fringe with shorter sides and connecting length to make the cut a bit more wearable and a bit less daring,” Alvarez previously shared with InStyle. “[It’s a] chic and low-maintenance look can be achieved on wavy and curly textures for a wash-and-go vibe.”

10. The Wet Look

Looking like you just got out of the shower is one of Hollywood’s favorite trends right now. Everyone from Ciara and Megan Fox to Jennifer Lopez and Zendaya have recently stepped out on red carpets with wet look styles.

summer hairstyle trends

summer hairstyle trends

11. Texture, Texture, Texture

“In my humble opinion, natural texture is this summer’s standout look,” says Adam Federico, R+Co’s director of content.

He says the key to enhancing your curls and steal Zendaya’s look is to work some of R+Co’s Ring Tone Ultra Defining Gel Crème throughout the mid lengths and ends. Then, he says to either air dry or diffuse the hair for the the perfect amount of volume.

summer hairstyle trends

summer hairstyle trends

12. Tousled Shoulder-Length Hair

“For this summery and trendy short hair look, I love to use my Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Turbo Vent 100% Boar Round Brush in a 2-1/2  inch size,” says Michael. “You want to get lift at the root, so for the front section, I always blow back and away from the face.”

summer hairstyle trends

summer hairstyle trends

13. Top Knots With Face-Framing Strands

Michael predicts that topknots with ’90s-era front-facing strands will be everywhere this summer.

To get the look, he uses a paddle brush while blowdrying the hair up and away from the face. Once everything’s smooth and in place, he pulls it all up into a high ponytail. “I then use the Olivia Garden CarbonLite Tail Comb to pull out the front sections of the hair and small sections from the sides,” he says.

You can twist the ponytail into a bun or a braided knot, then pin it in place. If you want a sleek look, he says to finish the look by using a flat iron to smooth out the front sections and side pieces.

summer hairstyle trends

summer hairstyle trends