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The Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends For Fall 2022

The Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends For Fall 2022

Pear shape or cushion, vintage or classic, cultivated or natural? There are many options when choosing jewelry, especially for that unique item just for you, or for the day you say “I do.” Engagement season is right around the corner, so I caught up with jewelry designer Shahla Karimi to talk about the top jewelry trends right now. “Your ring is one of the only things you use again after your wedding, so it makes sense to take the time to design something perfect for you,” said the NYC-based jewelry designer. Karimi shared her thoughts on some of the top jewelry trends of the season:

1) Personal Style

“People prefer individual designs that express their personal style vs. the traditional engagement ring. This can come in the form of creative designs, unique shapes, or gemstones. Toi et Moi [2-stone] rings have been on the rise since Emily Ratajkowski has posted her engagement ring, and hot stones right now are Pear and Super Elongated Cushions,” said Karimi.

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Shahla Karimi Pear Baguette Gap Band Ring

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2) Men’s Engagement Rings

Engagement season is soon approaching, and more men than ever are looking for engagement rings. What used to be an afterthought is front and center. “Men are looking for signet/class ring styles, diamond solitaire rings, and more design-forward wedding bands in 2022,” explained Karimi.

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3) Thinking Outside the Diamond

Gone are the days of diamond-only rings; there are more gemstones used in rings as their primary or secondary stone. Karimi noted that the most popular stones are “sapphire, emeralds, and rubies (in that order).”

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4) Cultivated Diamonds and Gemstones

Lab-grown diamonds are becoming the norm. Cultivated stones are not only more sustainable, but you get more bang for your buck. “For example, a natural gem-quality 8-carat emerald can cost between $100k – $250K, while the lab version runs around $5,000,” shared Karimi.

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Shahla Karimi Wright Emerald-Cut Diamond Offset Donut Ring

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5) Metal-Heavy Rings

Consumers have moved away from delicate pieces and are investing in bold styles that will last a lifetime. “Clients are seeking out mood-shifting pieces that help them express themselves and take up real estate, mirroring the dopamine dressing we are seeing in ready-to-wear,” said the designer.

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