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The Spring-Summer Haircut Trends That Are Set To Headline The Season

They say the grass is always greener… and that’s definitely true for 2022’s spring-summer haircut trends. Where winter was about long layers, full, chunky curtain fringes and heavy bobs, this season is a little heavier on pruning. 

Lots of us are looking for a fresh slate haircut that feels light, airy and ready for the sunshine, which is why some of our favourite classics have had a breezy twist. For instance, the fringe remains a headliner, but we’re seeing softer, more delicate renditions, with wispy bangs taking the lead.

Brave, bad-ass cuts are still on the menu if you’re ballsy enough for a radical statement chop. The Mixie, a hybrid between the mullet and a pixie, started off as an under-ground cool-girl cut, but it’s picked up fans and even won over TikTok. Hence you’ve probably already spotted it on your feed a bunch of times already. But since it’s a sliding scale you can go as soft or choppy as you like to dial the attitude up or down. 

One exception to the pruning rule? Rather than getting shorter, the biggest bob cut of the spring has gained an inch or two, according to Adam Reed, UK Editorial Ambassador for L’Oréal Professionnel, which is perfect if you want to grow your bob-length hair longer, or cut long hair shorter.

Here are the biggest spring-summer haircut trends for 2022…

Birkin bangs

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We predicted wispy bangs would go big last year, and they’re set to be everywhere for spring, thanks to offering a lighter more airy rendition. “Nail that effortlessly chic look by adding wispy bangs to your look,” says Adam. “This can add amazing softness and movement to all types of lengths. I always cut wispy bangs to eyebrow height then let them grow out naturally for that cool off duty look.” The idea is that they look a little see-through and can be swept to the side, or up into an updo, or left loose for a subtler statement. 

The mixie cut

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