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The Long and Short of It – Emmett Rocks the Mullet; Fame Flows | News

Mozart was likely the most famous seven-year-old in history. Then there’s King Tut, Shirley Temple, and who could ever forget Drew Barrymore as Gertie in E.T. ?

Moore County’s Emmett Miller could soon be added to that list.

Ancient and Senseless Mullet

The Ancient and Senseless Mullet 

The Ultimate Mullet

The GOAT of Mullets, Billy Ray Cyrus 

Joe Dirt

The original source of “Business in the front, party in the back,” Joe Dirt. 

Miley and the Mullet

Like father, like daughter. Mullets run in this family. Miley Cyrus carries on the mullet tradition. 

Tiger King

Do we thank Joe Exotic for the return of the mullet? 

Andre Agassi

1990, American tennis player Andre Agassi


You can’t have Purple Rain without Prince’s mullet. 

John Daly and the Mullet

John Daly and Emmett: Switched at Birth? 

Mullet Family

“What exactly is a typical mullet family?”