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The Complete Guide to Wedding Rings

The Complete Guide to Wedding Rings

The Complete Guide to Wedding Rings

When it comes to marriage-related jewelry, engagement rings tend to take center stage, but the wedding ring should not be forgotten. After all, this is the one part of the wedding that you will be looking at for a long time. Shopping for wedding rings may be a daunting experience, especially if you’ve never done it before. As with selecting and purchasing an engagement ring, doing some research ahead of time is the greatest way to have a truly enjoyable browsing and shopping experience.

There are a couple of things to consider when selecting a wedding ring:

Set a Budget

When looking for wedding rings, it’s critical to determine your budget first. This will not only help you choose a wedding band within your budget, but it will also help you prevent disappointment. If you go to the jewellers without a strict budget in mind, you can end up falling in love with something that is way out of your price range. 

Consider Your Lifestyle

A basic ring in gold, titanium or tungsten, would be ideal if you work with your hands or want fuss-free jewelry. A diamond-set wedding band can complement your engagement ring as well as stand alone if you prefer not to wear your engagement ring every day.

Then determine what you want to achieve with your wedding ring – do you want to keep it simple and let your engagement ring take center stage? Do you want to emphasize the size and brilliance of your engagement ring, or do you want to create a distinctive textured look?

Matching or not matching

Matching wedding rings are entirely up to you as a couple — there are no definite laws — and should be based on how similar your interests and lives are.

Differing hand sizes are another a factor to consider; if you insist on having the same type of ring, you may wish to obtain her band in a narrower width than his to allow for this. Never fear if she desires a more elaborate design to compliment her princess-cut engagement ring and he isn’t a big lover of costly jewelry. Many couples in this circumstance just make sure that at least one part of the rings matches to visibly connect them together. You can browse the Fjewellery online catalog for some interesting options.

Determine the right fit

Because your ring size can naturally change from time to time for a variety of reasons, you’ll want to make sure your wedding ring fits firmly (so it doesn’t slide up and down your finger) but not so tightly that it’s difficult to put on and take off. We always recommend getting expert guidance on choosing the proper size for a special ring you’ll wear for life – so if you’re not sure, schedule an appointment and let an expert help you discover the ideal fit.

The Complete Guide to Wedding Rings

Wedding Ring Trends


Yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, and palladium are the most popular metals for bands, however tungsten can also be utilized. Most couples choose the same metal as their engagement rings for their wedding bands, but this is not a hard and fast rule. If you like the aesthetic of mixed metals, consider selecting a different kind for your band than your engagement ring, or choose for a braided band that blends many hues in a single ring. Another consideration when choosing your metal is that this ring is supposed to endure a lifetime.

Mixing different colors

Combining different gold colors may give your ring additional significance; pink gold represents love, white gold represents friendship, and yellow gold represents loyalty. Wedding rings made of several colored metals are particularly popular, and brides who wear both gold and silver jewellery may prefer this alternative.


Many brides and grooms use stones and jewels to personalize their wedding rings. While pavé designs  give a lot of sparkle, the stones can become loose and fall out over time, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle. Alternatively, you should  consider a channel setting instead. While similar, this style includes carving a tiny channel into the ring and setting stones in a row within the channel to secure the jewels. Finally, when it comes to the stones, stick to large stones like diamonds, sapphires, or rubies.

You should have a lot better notion of what you want now that you know everything there is to know about selecting a wedding ring.