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The Best-Dressed Editors, Stylists, Models, and Influencers On How to Dress for Menswear Fashion Week

I dress very differently in my day job as a diplomat because it’s a very...

I dress very differently in my day job as a diplomat because it’s a very conservative environment. I may put on a blue suit, I still try to add some touch of flair here and there because I don’t want to lose myself. Style is a great way to express yourself, so I don’t want to take everything out, then it’s almost as if you’re living a double life. I don’t want them to be shocked that I love fashion and attend fashion shows. When it comes to fashion week, it’s on a completely different level, just because I am able to express myself more creatively. I always like to make sure that I’m dressed in the brand, I think it’s a respect that you show if you’re fortunate to have the pieces. I’m an amputee and I just recently started wearing shorts, so now there’s this entirely new, different world and I want to accessorize in every way possible. I can get a prosthetic cover to match my outfit, but that involves some advanced planning.

Is your style during fashion week reflective of your everyday style?

I think during the regular week I am more conservative. In my downtime, when I’m going out to dinner, when I’m going out with friends in DC, I do experiment a lot more than I would in the office. I love fashion, I love clothes, so there’s no way for me to wear everything if I’m just waiting twice a year to go to fashion week.

Has your style evolved since you were going to the shows pre-pandemic? If so, how would you say it has changed?

I don’t think there have been any major changes. The only thing I’m realizing is that I am getting older and I think there’s this tendency with social media to sort of follow all of the trends, and you have to sort of pick and choose and decide what’s best for you and what works best for you with your current wardrobe and with your own personal style.