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The 9 Best Short Haircuts For Thin Hair, According To Stylists

The 9 Best Short Haircuts For Thin Hair, According To Stylists

Even nevertheless hairstyle traits seem to modify with the wind, there are a few that often seem further excellent on slim hair. Mermaid-duration strands are definitely an selection, but in accordance to Parker Plotkin, a senior stylist and educator at Julien Farel Restore Salon Palm Beach, a brief haircut is a surefire way to make slender hair search thicker.

Thin hair, BTW, refers to the density of your hair, states Lisa Abbey, a qualified hairstylist and founder of StrengthXBeauty. If you can see by way of to your scalp, the width of your ponytail is about the sizing of a nickel, or your strands glimpse thin at the finishes, contemplate it a indication you have thinner hair, she tells Bustle.

It is significant to note that thin hair is not the identical as fantastic hair. “Fine refers to the precise texture of the hair whilst slender refers to the quantity of strands you have on your head,” Abbey says. “Some individuals have wonderful hair, but a great deal of it.” Any hair texture can turn into skinny for any number of causes, but that undoubtedly doesn’t suggest you cannot get a enjoyment reduce.

A superior small haircut for thin hair will choose into thought your strand’s bodyweight, density, quantity, and movement, Plotkin tells Bustle, so that you’re much less most likely to see by to your scalp. From there, it’s all about how you design and style your lower. “Shampoos with sulfates and hefty conditioners are a no-no for thinning hair,” Abbey says. “Styling solutions should be lightweight and volumizing.”

With that in intellect, retain scrolling for the greatest haircuts for slender hair, in accordance to stylists.



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When in doubt, you can under no circumstances go erroneous with a bob haircut. “This traditional cut is truly the ideal for thin hair as the blunt edges make your hair glimpse thicker,” Abbey states. Dress in it straight or enable it curl — it’ll glimpse good no make a difference what.


Bob With Fringe

A bob with bangs is another go-to for folks with thinner hair. “This could be any design and style of bob with a entire bang, side-swept fringe, or curtain bang to add motion around your encounter,” Plotkin suggests.



The lob, or extensive bob, has been all around for ages but is even now a complete neat-woman look. Raven Hurtado, a hairstylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, endorses slender hair varieties to incorporate a couple of extended levels around their face vs . shorter levels that could possibly steal some of the thickness away from the relaxation of their head.


Shaggy Wolf Slice

In accordance to Hurtado, a shaggy wolf cut functions for thin hair of all various textures, together with curly and straight. “The size is small with layers that include tons of quantity,” she tells Bustle, which is possibly why all people on TikTok appears to be providing themselves a wolf slice at dwelling. To get it done at a salon, Hurtado recommends asking your stylist to deliver the length up to your shoulders right before adding shaggy layers for motion.


Tousled Pixie

If you want to go tremendous small, crop your hair into a pixie. The thickest section of your hair is often likely to be those people to start with two to a few inches closest to your scalp, Abbey suggests — so by offering your hair a shut chop, it’s sure to look fuller. Incorporate a tousled effect with a volumizing spray so you can transfer your strands all around and cover up thinner spots.


Curtain Bangs

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Pair a shoulder-size slash with some wispy curtain bangs that section in the middle and slide to the sides. This design fringe will include up thinness at your temples, Abbey suggests, and it’ll also include quantity around your deal with without pulling way too substantially hair away from the rest of your head.



The bixie is a tremendous sweet hybrid of a bob and a pixie, and Plotkin suggests it’s wonderful for thinner hair. Her idea? Request your stylist for a bi-level bob with shaggy layers. It’s a terrific way to body your encounter whilst adding a small quantity at the crown of your head.


Stacked Bob

To hold your hair a tiny longer, Abbey endorses a stacked bob. It’s all about the undercut layer, which adds width and quantity though also acting as a guidance system for the top layer of hair so it looks fuller all all-around, she clarifies. The length of a stacked bob can land anywhere between your ears and shoulders. “The shorter you go, the thicker and fuller your hair will show up,” she claims.


Midi Flick

The midi flick is a bob with shag elements that bring about the finishes to flip up and out, Plotkin suggests — and it’s a type that’s trending on BeautyTok RN for its whimsical laissez-faire vibes.


Lisa Abbey, skilled hairstylist, founder of StrengthXBeauty

Parker Plotkin, senior stylist, educator at Julien Farel Restore Salon Palm Beach front

Raven Hurtado, stylist at Maxine Salon