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The 35 Best Plus-Size Clothing Brands of 2024, According to Stylists

The 35 Best Plus-Size Clothing Brands of 2024, According to Stylists

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As a plus-size woman, I personally know the struggle of finding great clothing in extended sizes. Fortunately, where once there were only two or three retailers catering to plus sizes, now there are dozens of dedicated brands making the best plus-size clothing we’ve seen in years. Retailers that were once off limits to plus size folks like Abercrombie & Fitch and Anthropologie have also extended their size ranges. “We’ve really made some pretty big leaps and bounds when it comes to plus-size fashion and having a more inclusive shopping experience,” said Kat Eves, plus-size celebrity stylist.

Still, shopping for plus sizes is far from easy or enjoyable for many, and progress has been slow. “The fashion retail industry is absolutely improving but in my opinion, not fast enough,” said Hina Low, a personal stylist and plus-size content creator who works under the name Heensie. “We have seen popular retailers expand to a size 20 perhaps, but rarely more than that and often, only online. This is not true inclusion.”

Eves echoed this, noting that major retailers’ plus-size styles lean more basic than trendy. “Plus-size people are still getting stuck in a place of not necessarily being able to express themselves through fashion on the same level as smaller bodied people without having to really do a lot of research,” said Eves.

If you’re in that position, I’ve done some of that research for you. In addition to my own 20+ years of experience shopping for plus sizes, I consulted Eves and Heensie to assemble this guide. While I’ve included fast fashion retailers for convenience, both Eves and Heensie said they’re most excited about (and prefer shopping from) the small, independent plus size brands that have been cropping up to fill the gap in the market for trendy, stylish plus-size clothing. If you’re looking for the best plus-size swimwear or best plus-size jeans, we’ve got you covered there, too!