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Spring clean beauty products that are also all women founded right here in Colorado

Spring clean beauty products that are also all women founded right here in Colorado

Want to shop local while supporting amazing female founded brands? Catie Wiggy, Licensed Esthetician and Healthy Lifestyle expert is sharing three go-to Colorado brands founded by women, dedicated to creating incredible products, and impacting our local communities.

Spinster Sisters is a consciously crafted skincare brand on a mission to be plastic-free and make the best products for you and our planet. Their founder Kelly Perkins started making soap and skincare in the ’90s with a simple goal: avoiding toxic ingredients.

Back in the day, “Spinster” referred to a single woman past the “age” to marry, as if being single was a bad thing. When the Founder, Kelly, began to sell at markets with her sister, they were happily single––inspired by the spirit of singlehood power of sisterhood they named their first pop-up Spinster Sisters. People fell in love with their products and from there Spinster Sisters was born.

Today, Kelly is a leader in the natural product industry taking Spinster Sisters from her basement to national distribution in the USA, Canada. If you want to shop locally – You can find an assortment of products at your local Rocky Mountain Whole Foods or King Soopers. Or visit and keep an eye out for their upcoming Earth Day sale where we say peace out to plastic with our new plastic free product collection. (Sale begins 4/18 – 15% off all Free From products)
Products Featured:
Face Cleansing Oil
Lavender Sugar Scrub Bar
Lavender Body Butter Bar
Lemongrass Sage Bar Soap
Eucalyptus Shower Steamer
Margot Elena, a beauty and lifestyle brand mogul has worked with her dedicated team for over 20 years to lovingly develop products and brands that capture the imagination and provide a delightful user experience and escape from the everyday.
The Lollia brand, is a world created of boudoir luxuries filled with delicate details, blushing fragrances and playful touches. As desirable to give as receive, Lollia creams, bubble baths, candles and perfumes are a constant on Oprah’s Favorite Things and perfect for Mother’s Day gifting. The Dream, Wish, and This Moment collections deliver luxurious products certain to delight the senses.
Products Featured:

DREAM – A dreamy fragrance combination of Linden, White Tea, Bergamot and Honeysuckle is sweetly familiar, like a pleasant memory while drifting off to sleep.
Dream Bubble Bath
Dream Luminary
Dream Shea Butter Hand Crème
WISH – A delicate infusion of warm Vanilla Bean, Rice Flower, Jasmine with comforting Ylang Ylang and the sheer of Amber Woods to create a luxurious fragrance escape.        
Wish Bubble Bath
Wish Luminary
Wish Shea Butter Hand
THIS MOMENT – Uplifting notes of Water Lily, Sun Blossoms, Aquatic Greens, Sweet Grass and Honey combine for a sophisticated fragrance.
This Moment Bubble Bath         
This Moment Luminary  
This Moment Shea Butter Hand crème
Founded in 2000 in Colorado by a women named Myra Michelle (hence the name), MyCHELLE was born and is recognized as one of the original innovators of clean skincare. Creating effective, eco-friendly products that are science-driven and help to get real results for all skin types.
Today the MyCHELLE team has launched a brand-new lineup of skincare products called Soothe. This collection contains a combination of hydrating Squalene, soothing Blue Daisy, and French Oak Extract to fortify the skin, aid in easing irritation, and restore essential skin balance.
Gentle Calming Cleanser
Gentle Calming Serum
Gentle Calming Cream
Available now at your local Whole Foods and on