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Shark Tank: Do Amore uses wedding rings to help fund clean drinking water around the world

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — The investors on ABC’s Shark Tank will hear the pitch from a Houston area businessman with an idea of using wedding rings to help fund clean drinking water around the world.

Krish Himmatramka, a Houston-area entrepreneur born and raised in the Bayou City, is an oil and gas guy by trade. Himmatramka says he started his company Do Amore after realizing the ease of drilling for water compared with the challenges of hitting oil, all while he was shopping for an engagement ring.

“Having seen the water crisis when I was younger, this bothered me because there was literally clean water right beneath people’s feet, but they didn’t know how to get to it. I was looking to propose at the time and it bothered me that sometimes engagement rings came with questions of ethics. I decided that I wanted to propose with a ring that didn’t just not hurt the world, but actually help the world,” Himmatramka told ABC13.

He says Do Amore has already brought more than 13,000 people access to clean water through the sale of engagement and wedding rings.

On Friday’s Shark Tank, he’ll find out if he gets the sharks’ backing that will change his company, and he says keep changing the world.

Watch Himmatramka’s full conversation with ABC13’s Jonathon Bruce in the video above.

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