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SCAD senior designs clothing for women with Type 1 Diabetes

SCAD senior designs clothing for women with Type 1 Diabetes

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — A SCAD senior is paving the way for accessible clothing for women after designing a series of outfits for those with type 1 diabetes in mind.

“Everyone deserves to feel comfortable and beautiful in what they’re wearing,” Naomi Kinnamon said.

Kinnamon, a fashion design major, has spent her senior year working on a collection titled “Type 1 Of A Kind.” This series draws on her experiences as a woman with type 1 diabetes who struggles to find clothing that fits comfortably with her insulin pump. She has been diagnosed with the chronic condition since she was in sixth grade.

“All of my garments have hidden details that accommodate a person who needs to wear an insulin pump or use multiple daily injections,” Kinnamon said.

Kinnamon explained that the most difficult clothing to find were dresses and jumpsuits, both of which oftentimes lack pockets. Without pockets, there’s no place to put an insulin pump.

Kinnamon’s insulin pump is connected to her body at all times so it would be difficult or even impossible to keep it inside of a purse or bag.

“The problem is that people like me just aren’t designed for,” She said. “So, as she was raised in the art of sewing, she decided to design some clothing of her own.

“It’s kind of a family trade that’s been passed down,” She said. From her grandmother to her aunts to her mother, learning to sew was something the whole family taught Kinnamon how to do.

Kinnamon came to SCAD after spending some time at a community college. She realized while she was there that she could pursue fashion as a career, not just as a hobby or a unique skill.

Now, Kinnamon is on a path to one day start her own brand, all designed for those like herself who have always struggled to find clothing that fits their needs.

“It’s easy when you have shorts or pants with a waistband or pockets,” She said, explaining how her insulin pump impacted the way that she dressed. “When you wear a dress or a jumpsuit where there’s no pockets, there’s nowhere to put it.”

The collection features one jumpsuits, a romper and three dresses. All of the pieces in the collection were designed and constructed by Kinnamon.

To learn more about SCAD you can visit the link here. If you’re interested in fashion, SCAD is also hosting their 2022 fashion show on May 20 at 8:30 p.m. The livestream for the fashion show can be viewed through the link here.