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Plano boutique Griffin & Grace specializes in women’s clothing, gifts, decor

Plano boutique Griffin & Grace specializes in women’s clothing, gifts, decor

Griffin & Grace owner Jamie Rohlich said she makes purchasing decisions for the boutique based on personal preferences.

“My clientele come into my store because they like my style,” she said. “If I’m not going to wear that, they probably wouldn’t either.”

Most customers who shop at Griffin & Grace are women between the ages of 35-60, she said. Keeping that in mind, Rohlich said she knows it is best not to follow all trends.

“Mom jeans are really popular right now, but they … definitely don’t flatter my clientele that’s older,” she said. When Rohlich opened Griffin & Grace in 2011, her merchandise focused on children’s and women’s clothing. Eventually, she added jewelry and candles to the mix. Now, the shop’s inventory encompasses women’s clothing, gifts and home decor. “I choose gifts and decor by what I like. If I wouldn’t pay $70 for that candle, I would never buy that for my store,” Rohlich said.

She describes the boutique’s gifts as trendy and sometimes funny.

“I love when people stand there forever reading our coasters … and laughing,” she said. “They’re going to give that to their friend, because it will make them laugh.” Rohlich said Griffin & Grace’s social media presence has grown exponentially over time. And despite not being able to have customers in the store for three months due to the pandemic, 2020 was the best year the store has ever had.

Today, Rohlich said she usually spends the first two hours of her day filling orders that came in overnight based on merchandise posts she put on the boutique’s Facebook page. Rohlich said some of her favorite aspects of owning this business are being creative and getting to know her customers’ style preferences. “I see a shirt and say, ‘Liz will buy this shirt,’” she said. “Then, they order it, and I say, ‘I knew you would order it.’”

Griffin & Grace

5960 W. Parker Road, Ste. 236, Plano


Hours: Mon.-Sat. 10 a.m.-6 p.m., closed Sun.