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PFP NFTs are hot. Fashion is starting to dress them

PFP NFTs are hot. Fashion is starting to dress them

For the people who use PFPs as their public avatars, this could become a “valuable asset”, says the person who goes by Cryptopenks, a co-founder of digital fashion fabricants Nifty Tailor, which dresses PFPs. “If Eminem has an Ape and wears a Balenciaga cap, it becomes very interesting property, and if a designer creates a piece that is so iconic that a lot of people use it, it has the opportunity to go viral.”

Beyond Apes

The interest is there amongst the PFP-owning community, says Nifty Tailor’s two founders, who are employed by other companies so they use Web 3.0 aliases. Nifty Tailor co-founder Kryptoragazzo says that when people on Discord saw that he had digitally dressed his Ape in a suit, they began offering him cryptocurrency to do that for them.

Technical capabilities and options are still being established for dressing NFTs. For Champion and Louis Moinet, people who elect to add the new pieces to their PFPs burn their original NFT, meaning that they can’t go back to the original version, although this technology is being developed. In the case of Louis Moinet, people buy an NFT version of a watch and then can upgrade their PFP; if they sell their PFP, they still own the standalone digital watch NFT as well.

While it started by overlaying digital content on NFTs, Nifty Tailor can now enable any Ape owners to create derivative NFTs wearing new clothes and is extending to other PFPs. Outfits are made by independent artists, but partnering with fashion brands to dress PFPs is a possibility, offering a future revenue stream that extends to the derivatives.

There’s also the eventual option to layer items, just as one would in the physical world. This is already being explored on Roblox, with avatars able to wear multiple elements from various sources at once, but these digital clothing items are not NFTs.

“What is really interesting about this is when you change a trait you change the rarity, so you could have an NFT that has been burned to have a combinable look, and now your singular NFT has four distinct pieces combined into one. It adds a different layer of complexity and value,” Rizzuto says.

She anticipates fully dressing PFPs is nearby. “You can see a day when you have your Louis Vuitton profile pic and high-end sunglasses and your superfly watch all in your profile pic wearing things that you think express you,” Rizzuto says. “It’s the next wave of Web 3.0 to identify the way you want to be identified. It’s not a huge leap that [avatars] will get sponsors.”

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