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Peace Out Skin Care’s Mother’s Day 2022 Sale Makes All Products Up to 30 Percent Off

Peace Out Skin Care’s Mother’s Day 2022 Sale Makes All Products Up to 30 Percent Off

We love when holidays roll around because with celebrating comes beauty sales. Many retailers will take a special day (right now it’s Mother’s Day 2022) and use that as an excuse to throw a major sale on their websites, and we’re absolutely here for it. Today, it’s all about Peace Out, who’s offering up to 30 percent off total orders starting today, April 29.

Here’s how the sale works. When you spend under $49 on Peace Out’s website, you can get 20 percent off with code MOM20, if you spend between $50 and $99 you’ll get 25 percent off with code MOM25, and if you’re feeling like a big spender and shop up to $100 you’ll snag 30 percent off with code MOM30

If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, let’s take you to beauty school for a quick second. Peace Out focuses on making products to help clear acne, smooth out textured skin, lighten dark spots, and more. It is most known for its Allure Best of Beauty-winning Acne Dots, which are these little pimple patches that are loaded with salicylic acid that help diminish blemishes overnight. 

You may be thinking, why would you get mom acne products for Mother’s Day? Well, the brand is way more than just acne-focused. Peace Out has an entire line that features products like the Dark Spot Serum that are spiked with tranexamic acid for any pesky hyperpigmentation and Wrinkle Patches that contain microneedles loaded up with retinol, peptides, and brightening vitamin C to smooth out the appearance of fine lines. 

Since Peace Out’s line is pretty extensive, we pulled some of our top picks for you to shop for mom below. If you already shopped for your special lady this year, we highly suggest loading up your cart with some picks for you because, well, we think you deserve a little self-care shopping spree.

Peace Out Retinol Eye Stick

Want to smooth out the appearance of fine lines? This duo is for you. The Retinol Eye Stick combats dark circles and any texture under the eyes with the combination of brightening astaxanthin (an antioxidant that is stronger than vitamin C) and smoothing retinol.