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NBA: Kyle Kuzma impresses on New York Fashion Week

NBA: Kyle Kuzma impresses on New York Fashion Week

Kyle Kuzma isn’t one to shy away from the spotlight. That applies well beyond the confines of the NBA hardwood as the Washington Wizards star strutted his stuff during New York Fashion Week this past week.

His outfit certainly matched his bravado as he rocked an eyebrow-raising getup as one of the models at the Puma Futrograde show. See for yourself:

Kuz gave off some major Ursula from The Little Mermaid energy. But even in all his tentacled glory, he was arguably still upstaged by the jellyfish-inspired blob that came right after him.

It’s no surprise that Kuzma was featured given that he signed a five-year contract with Puma for approximately $15 million total back in 2019.

For that amount of money, most people would be willing to wear just about anything. But it probably didn’t take much prodding for Kyle to try some of the outside-the-closet options that probably gave him.

We all remember Kuzma going viral over his obscenely large pink sweater, which wasn’t exactly popular with everybody.

Perhaps his experience on the runway sparks a breakout season when it comes to his pregame fits.

For better or worse, expect the man to go even bolder after reveling in the eccentricity of the world of high fashion just a week before Wizards training camp begins.