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Nashville, TN widow pleas for help after wedding rings stolen from home

Nashville, TN widow pleas for help after wedding rings stolen from home

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A heartbroken widow says she is reliving the nightmare of losing her husband after her wedding ring set is stolen.

Debra GilPatrick, who is a nurse, was having work done on her Hadley Avenue home while she was traveling for work. When she returned from out of state, she noticed an important box of sentimental jewelry missing.

“My heart just sank you know,” GilPatrick said.

Losing her wedding rings was like losing her husband all over again. “Felt like they just told me he died again,” a tearful GilPatrick explained.

It’s been nearly two years since Gilpatrick lost her husband Charles (Dickey), of almost 25 years, to lung cancer. “He was my anchor, he was retired military. It was a great run just not long enough,” she said.

Wedding Ring
Debra GilPatrick’s ring

In an effort to try and heal, she recently began working on renovations in their home. “Yeah, just now getting started. I really hadn’t felt like doing anything since he passed. I just got his items, getting them cleared out.”

Contractors have been in and out of her house while Debra travels for work. “My work has been my saving grace, ya know. I love what I do.”

However, she was heartbroken to find the stash of jewelry, including her wedding ring set stolen when she returned home.

“I kept them in a top drawer in the bedroom with his wedding band and a watch and a keepsake necklace, you know like after he passed, they did his thumbprint on it.”

Gilpatrick held on to precious memories of a love that once was with photos and a few symbolic items like her cushion diamond set, a gift from her husband after 10 years of marriage.

“I loved it. I loved it.”

Debra said she feels violated. She’s been scouring pawn shops for the irreplaceable items that were dear to her heart while feeling helpless in her quest to find them.

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“I didn’t even want to come home.”

It’s a harsh reality for the widow praying her cherished keepsakes will be returned home and for the strength to persevere.  

“I’m just trying to count my blessings.”

Anyone with information on the missing diamond wedding ring set, her husband’s gold wedding band, the silver thumbprint necklace, or silver Rolex watch is asked to call Metro Nashville Police.