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Lollapalooza Hair Trends to Try at the Festival

Lollapalooza Hair Trends to Try at the Festival

We can’t believe August is almost here, and when August comes we know that festival season is getting ready to come to a close. But don’t let the “end of season scaries” keep you from turning heads with an on-trend (yet functional) festival hairstyle. For those closing out festival season 2022 at Lollapalooza, we’ve got a handful of styles perfect for you. Check out our favorite Lollapalooza hair trends below!

1. Glitter Parts

Glitter parts are always on trend. A simple addition of bright and shiny bling to your part line can elevate even the simplest of hairstyles to Lollapalooza levels. Plus? The chunkier, the better.

2. Bubble Ponies and Braids

Add some braids to your bubble pony mix! This fun, Lollapalooza hair trend will keep hair out of your face while you’re dancing the night and day away, but also make an impact with its mix of textures and bright colors.

3. The Oh-So-Trendy Bandana Style

Looking for a simple style that is also moisture-wicking? Grab a bandana! The half-back bandana style has been trending for a while now and it’s perfect for festival wear. Keep your hair out of your face and sweat off your forehead with this cute and easy look.

4. Braids and Beads

For those with textured hair who prefer a protective style for festival season, go for braids and some statement-making beads. The best part about this hairstyle is color coordinating your beads and added hair to your outfit. Go big, go bold, or go home!

5. Baby Braids

Another trend that has crossed over into Lolla-land is baby braids. This hairstyle is much-loved as it is easy to do at home and easy to touch up if need be. Simply carry a few extra elastics in your bag or fanny pack if you break a band or two while dancing in this Lollapalooza hair trend.

6. Brighter Hues

If braids and upstyles aren’t your thing, go all out and dye your mane extra bright. Summery hues like orange, pink, bright blues, and neon greens have been seen all over the festival circuit.

7. Glittery Space Buns

Will space buns ever be “out”? We don’t think so. If these buns are your go-to updo, Lolla-fy your vibe with a bunch of glitter. Add it to your part, all over, everywhere. And while you’re at it, a few floral pins or real flowers within your buns will really amplify your look.

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