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Katy Perry looks like a Kardashian with her flat waves hairstyle

Katy Perry looks like a Kardashian with her flat waves hairstyle

Katy Perry knows what’s up ATM. Whether she’s sporting a regency-esque corset (very Bridgerton) or a Tinkerbell-inspired updo (c’mon Disney-core), the American Idol judge always seems to be very on the current trends. I mean, she is a superstar after all, so it’s sort of expected considering she does have a full glam squad at her beck and call, no?

And in one of her latest Instagram posts, Katy is celebrating #shoesday (who knew?!) whilst wearing her hair in summer 2022’s biggest trend: flat waves. Oh, and with a middle parting no-less. It’s the Gen Z influence…

Now, flat waves might sound intimidating, but fear not, for the style is not as complicated as it may seem. Think messy beach waves but with less volume. It’s an ideal day-to-night look–just add some hair oil onto your already wavy ‘do and you’ll be good to go!

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Celebrity hairstylist, Jesus Guerrero, is Katy’s go-to when it comes to styling her locks for shoots or TV appearances and of course, was the genius behind this recent look. And believe it or not, he actually did Kylie Jenner’s hair for this year’s Met Gala. So, I guess you could say he is the best of the best.

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As much as we love the very up-to-the-minute hairstyle, what we need to acknowledge is how much she looks like a Kardashian! Now, that may actually be because Kim, Khloe, and even Kendall Jenner have all sported this look as of late. And to give credit where credit is due, Chris Appleton, Kim’s hairstylist, actually coined the name for the style we now call ‘flat waves’. The more you know, eh!

Having seen this look so much recently, it’s almost as if it’s the Kar-Jenner’s signature hairstyle. So, if Kris Jenner ends up trademarking ‘flat waves’, we’ll know why. You heard it here first folks…

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