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Is Wood a Good Choice for a Wedding Ring? – NoHo Arts District

Is Wood a Good Choice for a Wedding Ring? – NoHo Arts District

Is Wood a Good Choice for a Wedding Ring?

A wedding ring symbolizes the love and commitment you have for your loved one. The choice of the ring during a wedding is vital for many people.

Precious metals such as silver, gold, and platinum have been used for wedding rings for centuries. However, a material slowly regaining popularity as a choice for wedding rings, which is wood.

Wooden rings have been around for a long time but were forgotten for a while in favor of their metallic counterparts.

One reason is that many people thought that wood was not an ideal material for wedding rings, especially for men. The following are some reasons to consider wood for wedding rings: 

Wooden Rings Are Durable

A significant issue that most people falsely believe about wedding rings is that they are fragile. Nothing could be further from the truth. The wood used to make wooden rings is hardwood, one of the strongest materials.

Wooden rings are made by placing multiple layers of wood on each other, creating a solid ring. Moreover, you can fuse the wood with a metal which makes it even stronger.

An artisan will probably add varnish to the wooden ring, which will protect it from the harmful effects of water and other chemicals. Therefore, whether a covenant ring or a wedding ring, wooden rings are durable and worthy of a wedding ring. 

You Have Options

Another objection many people have about wooden rings is limited options. There are many options for wooden wedding rings for men, which ensures a choice for everyone.

From the style of the ring to the craftsmanship, wooden wedding rings can vary greatly, as you can see when evaluating wood wedding bands.

There are also variations on the ring designs and embellishments, making wooden rings great for any man who wants them for a wedding ring. 

Wooden Rings Are Beautiful 

Wooden rings do not have the shine and sparkle that metallic rings have, but they are just as beautiful.

They are unique in that they have a rustic beauty other rings cannot match. The appearance of a wedding ring matters significantly, especially considering you will be wearing the ring on your finger for the rest of your life.

Wooden rings can be engraved with any design you want; hence, they are gorgeous. You can also place a precious stone on a wooden ring, just like a metallic one.

The varnish makes the wooden ring shine in addition to protecting it. The beauty of a wooden ring is worthy of being a wedding ring for any groom.

They Are Affordable

Every couple has a budget of how much they are willing to spend on wedding rings. Some couples spend too much on wedding rings which takes away from other aspects of the wedding. The price of a ring is one of the most important factors to consider when buying jewelry.

If you want a more affordable alternative for a wedding ring, wooden rings are a great option. The importance of a wedding ring is what it represents, not how much it costs. Wooden rings are much more affordable than metal rings, even when infused with precious metals. 

They Are Hypoallergenic

Some people are incredibly sensitive to various metals, making finding a suitable wedding ring incredibly difficult. Contrarily, it is scarce to find someone allergic to wood or wooden items. 

There are toxic tree species such as walnuts, but they are the exception and not the rule. Therefore, if someone is allergic to metals, wood makes an excellent alternative for a wedding ring. 

In conclusion, there are numerous materials to choose from as far as wedding rings are concerned. Wood is an option that many should seriously consider for the above reasons and more. They prove that wood is a worthy alternative for wedding rings wherever you are.