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Iris Law’s Blond Mullet With Black Extensions at Premiere

Iris Law’s Blond Mullet With Black Extensions at Premiere

Iris Law combined several beauty trends in one daring hairstyle. The model and actor, who is also the daughter of Jude Law and Sadie Frost, debuted a bold look at the “Pistol” premiere in London on May 23. Celebrity hairstylist Rio Sreedharan transformed Law’s bleached pixie-meets-mullet haircut by dyeing the ends of her baby bangs black, and then adding black extensions at the nape of her neck. This particular combination of hair colors has actually been referred to as the “Cruella” trend, inspired by the Emma Stone movie of the same name.

Law’s punk look was fitting for the “Pistol” premiere, since the biographical drama, starring Maisie Williams, is centered around the Sex Pistols. In the series, Law portrays Soo Catwoman, a real-life fixture in the London punk scene of the 1970s. Catwoman was famous for her distinct hairstyle that consisted of a bleached buzzcut with two longer, flared-up pieces at the front dyed black to resemble cat ears.

With the exception of her color-clashing mullet, Law kept the rest of her beauty look simple with a nude lip, just a touch of eyeliner, and fluttery lashes. She also recently shaved cat-scratch lines on one of her eyebrows, in perhaps another homage to her “Pistol” character.