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I Stopped Wearing My Wedding Ring And Had A Marriage Epiphany

I’m back from a girlfriend getaway in paradise. Traveling with a best friend off the beaten path of marriage awakened joy in me and soothed my soul, but it also left me wondering: Why can’t I capture that sense of fun and wonder in everyday life? Why do I feel so stuck here in Boston, yet I was free as a bird in Mexico?

One idea: I took off my wedding ring while traveling.

I think my naked ring finger gave rise to more open responses and deeper interactions than I would have otherwise experienced.

One afternoon my (single) traveling companion, Maddie, a 35-year-old dear college friend who lives in Los Angeles, pointed out something peculiar in the heavy surf. As we watched, a lone snorkeler emerged onto the beach holding a spear and a wire laden with fish. We dropped our beach novels, marched over to investigate, and found a young Mexican man pleased to show us his catch of red snapper, octopus, and lobster.

In bits of English and Spanish, we learned they were snacks for a gathering of friends at a nearby cabana that evening. He told us if we brought some beer, we were welcome to hang out and share. Quite a tempting offer.

Unfortunately, we had other plans. But if we had taken him up on his offer I think we would have enjoyed a relaxed evening on the beach with some new friends. If we don’t travel for this kind of experience, why travel at all? But were a ring on my finger, would the same offer have been made?

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When I recently put this question to a few friends, I was blown away by the variety and strength of their feelings on the matter.