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How To Create An Effective Skin-Care Routine

How To Create An Effective Skin-Care Routine

Most of us at some point or another get stuck in a skincare rut—it then becomes confusing and time-consuming to figure out how to take our routine to the next level. Bottom line: We all know we could and should be doing more to help our skin look its best. That’s why we decided to try out an at-home device that will change your entire approach. As an editor, I can attest to how skincare tools can seem intimidating, but Droplette is different—it eliminates steps, takes only 45 seconds, doesn’t make a mess, and proves its worth within days. Every routine needs a little bit of intention to push it to the next level, and this is it.

Droplette addressed a core challenge in dermatology (the fact that about 90% of traditional skincare products never absorb and just sit on the surface), and solved it with science. Their (literal) breakthrough is their patented Micro-Infuser, a hand-held device that transforms serums into thousands of tiny, high-velocity micro-drops that absorb into the skin 20x deeper than topicals, where the ingredients can actually do some good. It offers an injectable alternative, without needles, pain, or recovery time. The device works with formulation capsules (like a Nespresso), so you can use it to infuse the treatments that are right for you into (not just onto) your skin. I’m a big supporter of science-backed brands that meet their customers’ needs with innovative solutions and proven results, and Droplette is just that. Their invention is backed by NASA, the National Institutes of Health, the Walter Reed Institute of Research, and Harvard Medical School advisors, and it is changing skincare as we know it.

The Droplette Options

Droplette’s hardware is futuristic, but their formulations are simple, yet potent. They work with leading dermatologists to identify tried-and-true, clinically-validated ingredients, and deliver them deeply into skin via their technology. Then because their platform is more flexible than other skincare devices, we get to choose which one(s) meets our needs. Not every single capsule needs to be in your routine at once. What I reach for is constantly changing depending on weather, sensitivities, or personal preference. Once you find a sweet spot that works for your skin goals, stick with it until you need to make a change. As you begin to customize your own approach, find out why these ingredients are editor- and Droplette-approved.

Collagen is a key building block in our skin, but we start to lose it in our 20s. The bad news is that it’s nearly impossible to replenish at-home, as the ingredient is 300x larger than it should be to absorb topically (and drinking it doesn’t work; it never reaches the skin). So, Droplette is filling a huge gap by offering a DIY, non-invasive, and painless solution for collagen delivery. “Collagen fights signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, skin texture, and firmness. It’s also a great go-to morning formula to give the skin a boost of hydration,” explains Miller. Out of all the ingredients, this is my personal favorite. I am always extremely loyal to anything that will give me a plump and dewy look—and just wait until you try it with Droplette’s higher-voltage, Under-Eye mode (wow!). Having tried other formulas in the past, I am genuinely impressed with both the immediate and long-term results I’ve seen from these collagen capsules.

Meet the skincare expert’s go-to anti-aging ingredient. Championed for helping smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, retinol helps increase cell turnover and boost collagen production. As someone who just introduced retinol into their lineup the biggest obstacle I’ve faced is trying to find a formula that is gentle on my skin. A nice thing about using a device such as Droplette is that it delivers lots of water into the skin, along with the active ingredients, to act as an additional cushion. For many customers who cannot tolerate topical Retinol, Droplette is a game-changer.

Chemical exfoliants are a staple in my routine because they help reset my glow. Glycolic acid is a very popular alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that helps increase cell turnover and shed dead skin cells. When infused deeply with the Droplette Micro-Infuser, the results are noticeable and dramatic. “This ingredient benefits someone with a dullness to the skin, or with ongoing surface-level breakouts from clogged pores,” says Dr. Leonard Miller of the Boston Center for Facial Rejuvenation, and a supporter of Droplette. While any skin type can benefit, it is particularly great for those with acne-prone skin. If blemishes aren’t on your radar, you’ll still see a benefit.

There are many ingredients that are coveted for treating hyperpigmentation and melasma, tranexamic acid being one of them. “I see the most dramatic results from this formula with my patients with unwanted color on their skin, whether in the form of unwanted pigmentation or redness like rosacea,” says Miller. Especially after spending some time in the sun, we are all accustomed to sun spots or altered pigment. It is very gentle on the skin and is safe for all skin types and even during pregnancy.

I’ll admit it wasn’t until recently that I learned the true benefits of growth factors. Whereas other anti-aging ingredients treat existing (well, aging) skin, Miller explained that growth factors activate stem cells to replace older damaged skin cells with new healthy ones. “This helps with most any skin condition from scars, to blemishes, to skin conditions we associate with aging,” he explains. “Our growth factor levels begin to taper down from their peak in our mid-20s leaving more and more stem cells less active in maintaining the appearance of healthy skin. I would recommend anyone past this age begin a growth factor regimen.” The Droplette capsules are a breakthrough in this category because they are the first to be completely derived from pharma-grade, healthy, human stem cells, so they are compatible with your skin. Remember that to keep these capsules active, you should store them in your fridge. Their potency is no joke. This is the upgrade to the upgrade, and if you are willing to invest in your skin’s future, look no further.

Droplette’s Delivery Advantage

When using anything for your skin, the main goal is to get key ingredients to penetrate beyond the skin barrier. If a formula does not succeed, it will not be able to give you the desired results. The importance of this only increases with ingredients such as collagen and growth factors, which are specifically meant to work beyond the dermis. The biggest obstacle tends to be the molecular size of actives. If a molecule is too large, it will have a much harder time getting past the skin barrier. Collagen is probably the most debated in this department which is why topical products fall short. The only way to really make sure you are getting the job done is by getting a professional injection treatment, or using Droplette micro-infusion technology at-home.

A very important part of any upgrade vetting process should be questioning the delivery system. That’s why it is best to take advantage of technology that does the thinking for you. Rather than using my typical topical serums, I can replace them with a Droplette capsule and know that the micro-mist technology is getting deeper into my skin than I could with traditional application. “Using a device such as Droplette ensures that ingredients actually get into the skin instead of sitting on the surface,” says Miller. “Without Droplette infusion, skincare formulations get wiped away before most absorption can occur making it very difficult for the formulation to accomplish what it’s intended to do.” It’s super easy to grab my Micro-Infuser, between my cleanser and moisturizer, and honestly kind of fun.

Other Important Pillars

Besides optimized application, there are other important pillars to an upgraded skincare routine. “While it depends on each individual skin concern, the most important thing is finding products with high quality ingredients and making sure those ingredients are being delivered effectively,” explains Miller. “That, followed by a good barrier moisturizing cream that protects the outer layers of the skin prevents damage, irritation, and inflammation.” Sometimes keeping it simple actually gives the best results. I try not to overwhelm myself with a number of daily steps which actually turns out to be a great mindset for successful product layering. Miller suggests cleansing, toning, using the Droplette, and topping it off with a moisturizer and SPF. “Any topical steps in between these pillars are likely superfluous,” he adds. I say if having a 20-step process brings you immense joy, go for it. But just know that it will not necessarily be doing anything extra from an efficiency standpoint.

When it comes down to it, investing in products with proven, efficient efficacy will take you the farthest. I’ll leave you with one tip I wish I heard when I was first starting out: The best routine is the one that you will actually follow. Droplette takes under a minute per day, so I’m here for it. Cheers to only good skin days ahead!