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How the Hudson Valley Feels About Wearing a Wedding Ring

How the Hudson Valley Feels About Wearing a Wedding Ring

Is it weird if someone is married and doesn’t wear one? I can already tell this isn’t going to be the end of this conversation. We live in a pretty modern world, but some parts of it are still pretty traditional and that includes wearing a wedding ring, or so I thought.

marla66 from pixabay

marla66 from pixabay

I was recently at a family friend’s home and there was a heated conversation going on about wedding rings. Her mother was pretty upset and mentioned that her husband does not wear a wedding ring and she doesn’t understand why. Her husband mentioned that he really doesn’t think it’s a big deal and he’s not out in public places where there are a ton of people and someone could hit on him. Hmmm……

It made me start to wonder, is not wearing a wedding ring a big deal? As someone who is not married, would it bother me if my future husband didn’t wear one? Does not wearing a wedding ring mean you’re on the prowl?

We received some mixed answers from listeners on the debate:

  • Heather- “We do not wear our bands at all”
  • Danielle- “Husband and I both wear ours 24/7”
  • Lois- “I only wear one at special functions. Because we choose not to doesn’t mean we’re not married”
  • Edward- “Mine’s been on for 47 years”

We need some more answers to really figure it out, send us a message on the station app and let us know what you think. There are no wrong answers here, just opinions and ideas.

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