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High-Set vs. Low-Set Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide

High-Set vs. Low-Set Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide

It is not until eventually you begin very seriously wanting for the great engagement ring that you realize how a lot of information there are to take into account. Indeed, you want a lovely stone in a cut that will work greatest with your own design and style, but there are other technical specs to take into account that may have in no way crossed your thoughts. Choosing concerning a high-set and a very low-established engagement ring is one illustration.

In get to choose irrespective of whether you want a high-established or a minimal-established engagement ring, it truly is certainly practical to know additional about each and every certain design and style. For lots of, deciding on amongst these two aesthetics just arrives down to private choices, but for other people, weighing the professionals and cons of each design and style is useful in determining which placing functions most effective all round. So, to preserve you as educated as probable, we spoke with two jewelers who have damaged down the distinctions concerning a higher-set and lower-established ring.

Meet the Expert

  • Aditi Daga is the co-founder of Angara, a great jewellery manufacturer that specializes in every little thing from engagement rings, necklaces, wedding bands, earrings, and more.
  • Anna Bario is the co-founder, principal, and direct designer of Bario Neal, a lady-owned sustainable jewellery line. Due to the fact the brand’s launch in 2008, it has become an sector chief in ethical sourcing and progressive producing.

Under, go through on to learn almost everything you need to have to know about both superior-established and very low-established engagement rings, in purchase to make an knowledgeable decision when ring shopping.

The Variance Concerning Higher-Established and Very low-Set Engagement Rings

The change amongst a substantial-established and small-established engagement ring is how higher the heart stone will come off your finger. A higher-established ring has prongs that extend upwards, keeping the middle stone in an elevated place with a sizeable quantity of house concerning the culet (the base pointed idea of a diamond or stone) and the band. A minimal-set ring capabilities a centre stone that sits lower and closer to the finger and band.

“To recognize if a ring is lower or higher set, glimpse at it from the aspect,” says Aditi Daga, co-founder of Angara. “If the centre stone appears elevated, it is a substantial-set ring. If the stone sits minimal on the band, it is very low set.”

Execs and Negatives of Large-Set Engagement Rings

Substantial-set engagement rings are inclined to show up more substantial and flashier than low-set rings. “If it truly is the visible enchantment you happen to be following, then a superior-set engagement ring would be excellent,” Daga suggests. “The superior profile of the ring helps make the middle stone stand out and look larger sized than its actual dimensions.”

Anna Bario, co-founder, principal, and lead designer of Bario Neal, also notes that a greater location might result in a stone to look much more sparkly. “Some people today assume that a large established will make the diamond or gemstone have additional brilliance and seem greater considering the fact that there is extra place for gentle to generate a sparkle on the stone,” she shares.

An additional benefit? These configurations generally perform much better with a large assortment of marriage ceremony bands. The area beneath the stone can make it less complicated for an engagement ring, or any other ring, to sit snugly against a band, Daga details out.

Nonetheless, the downside of this design and style is that it can simply catch on almost anything at all (imagine about your hair or a wool sweater). Not only can this be troublesome, but it can also guide to your engagement ring finding weakened. “This could finally impact the integrity of the stone and may perhaps result in cracking or chipping,” Daga warns. So if looking at this location, it is really critical to be excess cautious when sporting your ring on a working day-to-day basis.

Execs and Drawbacks of Minimal-Established Engagement Rings

A lower-established engagement ring might glance various than a high-established a single, but it has pros of its very own, particularly when it arrives to comfort and sturdiness. “This setting is safer and significantly less prone to any kind of accidental problems,” Daga notes. Because the stone sits lessen, it is fewer most likely to get caught on points.

“Reduced configurations are also extra protecting if you want to use heirlooms or a lot more fragile gemstones,” Bario claims. So if you work with your fingers a great deal, these may be the way to go. “If you are, say, a gardener who desires to put on their engagement ring all the time, this variety of placing may be appropriate for you.”

A person of the largest downsides of a very low-set engagement ring, though, is that it is really not usually a adaptable fashion. “It’s challenging to accommodate this fashion with larger sized gemstones,” Bario suggests. “There’s also fewer alternatives for how the stone can be established with the over-all ring style, and marriage ceremony bands may well need to have to be curved or built to match and avoid a gap involving the two rings.”

How to Decide on the Very best Environment Based mostly on Your Own Aesthetics

Substantial-set engagement rings are great for the bride who would like a larger sized glimpse that will capture everyone’s eye, Daga notes. Nonetheless, equally Daga and Bario concur that very low-established engagement rings are by much the much better selection for any individual with an energetic way of life or somebody who works with their arms a lot.

Choosing an engagement ring design is a individual alternative, and at the conclude of the working day, equally higher-set and very low-set kinds can be attractive solutions. Finally, you must inquire on your own: Are sparkles and a flashier search far more essential to you? Or are you far more involved with picking a ring that will not possibly snag on each individual sweater you very own? Whatsoever the scenario could be, you can come across an selection you enjoy in either model.


  • “With superior-established engagement rings, pretty much any ring can get the job done and sit flush, which indicates so many designs will function,” Bario claims. As for lower-set engagement rings, Daga recommends a contoured or curved band that will sit close to the reduce heart stone.

  • The value of both styles will change broadly dependent on the size and top quality of the diamond, the form of metal utilised for the ring, and other supplemental specifics like the inclusion of any other stone. That explained, very low-established engagement rings cannot often accommodate bigger carat sizes, so that might induce higher-set rings to be a lot more pricey at periods.

  • In typical, high-set engagement rings are not as tough as very low-established engagement rings. The higher the heart stone sits on the finger, the much more options for it to snag or capture on anything, escalating the potential destruction to your ring above time.