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Here Are More Evangelion Wedding Rings For Getting Hitched

Here Are More Evangelion Wedding Rings For Getting Hitched

Here is a close up of the latest Evangelion wedding rings.

You can see what inspired the rings.
Image: (C)カラー

Since its debut in 1995, Neon Genesis Evangelion has spawned piles and piles of merch. Figures, t-shirts, stickers, coffee cups—you name it. An endless supply of stuff like that is normal. But Evangelion also has other things, like wedding rings.

Last fall, wedding rings inspired by the Spear of Cassius from Evangelion were released. Pink gold with platinum, they were priced at 132,000 yen ($1,145). There were also budget-friendly silver versions for 10,650 yen ($92). The year before that saw Spear of Longinus wedding rings, ranging from 330,000 yen ($2,862) to 16,500 yen ($143), depending on the precious metal.

Now, there is yet another set of Evangelion wedding rings for tying the knot. This time, they are inspired by the Spear of Gaius. According to Famitsu, the platinum bands are priced at 110,000 yen ($954) each and went on sale earlier this month in Japan.

Pictured are hands with Evangelion wedding rings.

They’re rather low key.
Photo: (C)カラー

A surprising number of Evangelion wedding rings, no? I guess it’s popular enough to support these rings. (Plus, this isn’t even counting the other Evangelion inspired wedding rings—or all the unofficial stuff you can find online and elsewhere.) However, Evangelion isn’t the only anime people can get hitched with.

The above officially licensed rings are from Japan-based U-Treasure, an accessory-maker and jeweler. The company employs around 150 artisans that specialize in made-to-order jewelry as well as jewelry polishing and refurbishment.

The company has made a name for itself by selling licensed video game and anime-themed accessories, including wedding rings. Joining Evangelion in making matrimonial bliss possible are officially licensed wedding rings from Attack on Titan, Cardcaptor Sakura, Kirby, and Pokémon.

If people get game and anime themed tattoos, why not wear game and anime themed wedding rings? It makes sense, really.