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From Viola Davis To Lashana Lynch, Here Are The Beauty Routines The Stars From The Woman King Swear By

From Viola Davis To Lashana Lynch, Here Are The Beauty Routines The Stars From The Woman King Swear By

The Woman King
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Black women warriors in an action epic film, directed by Old Guard’s Gina Prince Bythewood and starring the outstanding Viola Davis and James Bond’s new 007 agent Lashana Lynch? Where do I sign up?

Set in 1823, The Woman King follows General Nanisca (Viola Davis), the leader of an all-female group of warriors (the Agojie) who seek to protect the Kingdom of Dahomey from external forces.

However, they will have to use all their skill sets to face a new threat that could end their lives or force them into the terrifying life of slave trade. And at the center of it all is Viola, Lashana, Adrienne Warren, Sheila Atim, and Ms. Thuso Mbedu.

It’s action-packed, doesn’t skimp on the drama, and is a perfect pick for Black women (all women) who are out on the periphery and are looking for something to remind them they’re strong, capable, and glorious Queens.

So, with all this and The Woman King’s intense nature, I thought it would be incredible to find out some of the beauty and wellness products these phenomenal women use to help them effortlessly tap into their power and look so flawless while doing it.

Keep reading to find a few great tips: they might help you elevate your beauty routine and even add to your achieving your wellness goals. (You never know!)

Viola Davis

Instagram: thusombedu

This is a queen who needs no introduction – she’s fierce, gorgeous, and now making Oscars history as the most nominated Black actress of the 21st Century. And let’s not forget her ambassadorships – Viola is the face of L’Oréal Age Perfect Cell Renewal Anti-Aging Midnight Serum ($49), the brand’s beloved innovation for flawless, more radiant skin.

The lightweight serum is formulated with an exclusive, luxurious antioxidant recovery complex that works at night when the skin reaches its cell renewal peak. It is also mineral oil-free, non-greasy, paraben-free, and according to The Woman King star, has served as a dose of self-care for her since she added it to her routine.

Apart from slathering her face with her radiance-enhancing formula, Viola loves creating ‘spa days’ at home with Epsom salt baths, cooking up a finger-licking meal, and meditating any negativity away.

“I started using the Calm app, and it drowns a lot of the noise in my head,” Viola said in an interview with Refinery29.

“What I’m left with when I open my eyes are my husband, my child, my mom, and my siblings. They become the best affirmation and reminder of what’s important.”

Thuso Mbedu

Instagram: thusombedu

Thuso Mbedu is afraid of heights and admits that there were times she doubted she could pull off her role in The Woman King, in which she plays Nawi, a new Agojie recruit (an all-female group of warriors that protect the Kingdom of Dahomey from external dangers).

And yet, the South-African-born actress insists on doing her own stunts – even when she feels out of her element. So, how does this Queen stay motivated?

She stays active by doing core workouts she finds on YouTube. “My favorite type of exercise is anything that works my abs,” she told Shape. “I’ve always been, like, low-key obsessed with abs.”

When she’s not trying to get her abs game on or fight with a machete, Thuso enjoys following along Bowflex workouts and doing adventurous activities such as indoor skydiving, hiking, and kayaking.

“I’m always trying to challenge myself to try something new,” she added, insisting that her desire comes from her goal to star in action films (which she’s actualized with The Woman King). “I don’t want to get on a set and be afraid to try anything.”

She is also intentional about rest – she ensures everyone who in her life and works with knows that. According to Thuso, rest staves off exhaustion and keeps her productive.

As for her beauty routine, Ms. Mbedu swears by her grandmother’s favorite skincare staple – Vaseline Petroleum Jelly $5. It keeps her skin as soft as baby skin and keeps chaffing at bay.

Lashana Lynch

Instagram: womankingmovie

When it was revealed that Lashana Lynch would be playing the first black and female 007 agent, we were beyond dumbfounded – it was a long time coming. And then, a few months later, the star was set to join The Woman King cast, making her one of the most iconic Black female action stars in Hollywood.

Not much is known about Lashana’s private life – but she occasionally shares her self-care routines on IG, which are primarily underpinned by spiritual beliefs.

Her favorite go-to? Sage burning.

Yaasss! The ancient practice, which our ancestors used to energetically clear and reset their spaces, has been a go-to for Lynch for years now, and she touts it for its powerful mind-clearing and spirit-healing properties.

Lynch is also into self-care practices such as candle lighting, crystal healing, drinking water, meditation, moon watching, and yoga.

As for her beauty and skincare routine, The Woman King star swears by the power of the Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner ($39.00). The lightweight, skin-loving facial toner is packed with moisture-binding humectants that help condition and prep the skin for proper moisture absorption. It also soothes, refreshes, and refines your skin’s texture.

Sheila Atim

Instagram: thusombedu

Actress, model, singer, and playwright (and MBE) Sheila Atim is a rising star. While not much is known about the Ugandan-British actress (she keeps her life private), we know that she loves music, fashion, and pole dancing. She also loves the occasional six wings, chips, and a drink, which she says is her guilty pleasure.

Atim is also the face of the multi-national fashion company Bottega Veneta.

In an interview with the Press Reader, The Woman King actress said the one she loves about Bottega’s clothes is the way they embrace androgyny.

“I definitely fall into that category myself and have learned to take ownership of it through my style. I love suits, boots, and trainers. I love gowns and heels. It just depends on where I’m at that day. So, it’s nice to see that woven into their designs in a really relaxed and effortless way. Throughout the collection, everything could go with everything and could be worn by anyone.”

Adrienne Warren

Instagram: adriennelwarren

Ms. Warren might be commanding audiences playing Mamie Till-Mobley, the mother of Emmett Till, in Women of the Movement, but it’s definitely not her only Oscars-worthy performance.

The Tony Award-winning star outshines herself playing Ode in The Woman King.
So, what keeps her grounded and looking as gorgeous as ever? Fitness, vitamins, and a good hair mask.

According to Adrienne, fitness plays a significant role in her career as an actress, especially in her Broadway journey. She loves everything from a quick morning run to dancing and spin classes.

She also believes that vitamins are essential to good health. When she’s having a strict schedule and not eating right, you’ll find her feeding her ‘needy bod’ with some nutritious vitamins.

As for her beauty routine, The Woman King actress loves anything that could help her maintain her jaw-dropping curls. For instance, the Sashapure Restorative Conditioning Masque ($15.83) has greatly influenced her hair’s growth. The intensive hydrating, deep conditioning, and strand-strengthening masque revitalizes curls damaged by environmental aggressors, chemical and color treatments, and thermal styling.

It is also packed with wild-crafted ingredients that help restore elasticity, moisture, and strength for smoother, lush, and renewed hair.