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Engagement rings inspired by the 8-Diamond ring Ranbir Kapoor specially designed for wife Alia Bhatt

Engagement rings inspired by the 8-Diamond ring Ranbir Kapoor specially designed for wife Alia Bhatt

It would be safe to say that the Kapoor-Bhatt nuptials will be the most talked about wedding of 2022. And while Alia’s gleaming gold and white organza saree by Sabyasachi may have grabbed our attention, the bride sported a glittering jewel on her finger that caught every eye in the room. This was the first instance where Bhatt displayed the massive ring that beau Ranbir Kapoor proposed to her with. And just as the bride’s kaleeras had a number 8 symbol, for Ranbir Kapoor’s lucky number; the ring too had a number 8 connection. But let’s take a closer look at the ring’s origins with its make and design.

Beau Ranbir customised the 8-diamond ring for Alia

A custom made design, Alia Bhatt’s 8 diamond ring is a creation by jewellery experts from the globally renowned jewellery label Van Cleef and Arpels. The design was specially requested by husband Ranbir Kapoor so that it could incorporate the number 8 with 8 diamonds as it is the groom’s lucky number. 

8 diamond ring

Reports reveal that the gorgeous ring was ordered and made in London, UK. Since Van Cleef and Arpels are known for taking as many as 9 months to work on customized jewelry designs, it can be estimated that Ranbir ordered the jewel 9 months before he popped the question to Alia. What a glorious symbol of his love for his beautiful bride!

alia bhatt ring

If you adored the glittering ring, take a look at some engagement ring styles inspired by the impressive 8-diamond ring that Alia flaunted at her wedding.

A Double Halo Diamond Ring

If it is a classic you crave and have your heart set on a diamond, then perhaps it is time to choose a ring style that creatively highlights the stone. Recently, double halo diamond rings have been all the rage as they sheathe the core gem with brilliant loops of gleaming diamonds. You may also switch up the design by choosing emeralds or sapphires set in the halo to enhance the beauty of the band. This delicate proposal jewel is all you’ll need to get your lady love to say yes!

engagement ring designs

An impressive Goshenite ring

Startlingly beautiful, Goshenite that is better known as ‘white beryl’ is an excellent choice for your engagement ring. It is widely appreciated among a few of the world’s purest gemstones as it has a high clarity. Grooms offer their lovers a Goshenite ring as a substitute to the pricier diamond because the stones are quite alike. You will notice that Goshenite has a somewhat passive shine when compared to sparkly diamonds.

engagement ring design

A large teardrop Diamond

Over the past couple of years people have drifted away from the princess cut diamonds to embrace pear-shaped stones or tear-drop gems. Everyone from celebrities such as Ariana Grande and Cardi B to Margot Robbie chose such rings. The signature shape of these rings has a gemstone with one pointed end and the other being rounded.

engagement rings design

You may love the symbolism in this ring style as the teardrop shape allegedly stands for tears of joy that a bride sheds on her special day!

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