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Diving Heroes Find Woman’s 100-Year-old Wedding Ring After it Flew Off her Finger Into a River


A team of scuba diving heroes have reunited a grateful woman with her lost antique wedding ring after it flew off her finger—and into a river.

Emma Lyon was watching a regatta from the banks of the River Great Ouse last Saturday when the 100-year-old jewelery flew into the water.

The gold wedding ring had belonged to her grandmother, and Emma was devastated when it quickly disappeared from sight.

She contacted Bedford Scuba Divers the following day after a friend suggested they could help, and couldn’t believe how quickly they responded to her plea.

By Monday evening, a team of divers had found the ring and handed it back to Emma.

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She naturally took the whole crew out for a thank you drink at a local pub afterwards, saying,  “The divers were absolutely amazing!


“My grandmother died in 2000, aged 100. She worked at a corn merchant on Caldwell Street and would sometimes get up early and take the family’s punt out on the river before work.

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“I did think that if we couldn’t find the ring, it had ended up in a fitting resting place.

“I am just so, so grateful to everyone from the scuba club who gave up their evening to help out and cannot believe [they were] able to find it. It was a total miracle.”

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