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Common mistakes you make when taking care of woolen clothes

Wool is one of the oldest fabrics that has been around since the dawn of time. Ranging from the thick, untreated regular wool to the thinner, more lightweight types such as cashmere or merino, this material is known for its durability and comfort. Aside from comfort and durability, woolen garments are chosen for their vintage look and versatility. If are looking for wool knit sweaters and cardigans take a look at online websites as, nowadays you can find a large variety of knit garments and care instructions. A woolen garment can last you a long time if it is properly cared for but in order for it to do so you must avoid several frequent mistakes that not many people seem to be aware of.

Mistake nr. 1: You don’t read the labels

As trivial as it might sound, you already have all the information you need on the little piece of fabric on your garment. Make sure to read the labels before deciding how you’re going to clean or store it. For example, you’ll notice that most of the woolen clothes are prohibited from being ironed or bleached, as well as washed at temperatures higher than 30 degrees Celsius.

Mistake nr. 2: You wash it too often

The best way of cleaning your woolen clothing is washing it by hand and it is the one that we strongly advise you to stick to. There are many delicate woolen garments, for example Irish sweaters that would get completely ruined if washed too often and you shouldn’t clean them as frequently as clothes made of cotton or synthetic fibers; once every five wears should be more than enough. Wool has the natural property of cleaning itself; for example you can simply hang your woolen Irish sweater in a windy area in between wears. This way, you can keep it fresh without putting additional pressure on the fabric.

Mistake nr.3: You wash it with clothes made of other materials

If you opt for washing your woolen clothes in the machine instead of soaking them by hand, keep in mind to not mix them with other fabrics, as it can deteriorate the delicate wool. Separate your sweaters and cardigans from sturdy textiles like denim or canvas, so they won’t lose their original form or transfer any color.

Mistake nr. 4: You use a regular detergent

Investing in a good detergent created especially for wool will make a huge difference in the way your clothes look and how long they serve you. This type of mild cleanser won’t break the bank and will have a very economic usage, since as stated above your woolen garments don’t need to be washed too frequently.

Mistake nr. 5: You use the dryer

Using the dryer is strongly prohibited if you want to truly last. Not only will it damage the fabric, but it can also make it shrink and completely lose its original design. If you are not prepared to give your beloved woolen jumper to your 10 year old cousin, don’t put it in the dryer and lay it on a flat surface instead.