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Best Summer 2022 Haircut Trends

Hair is an important element of elegance and women like to be updated about the latest summer trends and how to take care of their hair, especially since there are many outings and occasions in the summer.

Celebrated hairdresser Tarek El Tahan, who is well known for his experience and reputation that has brought many female celebrities to his salon, shared with “SEENews” the summer 2022 hairstyle and color trends as well as the most important steps to maintain healthy hair.

Tarek El Tahan

“The heat is intense in the summer, so it is necessary to provide special care for the hair with a light cut that gives a wonderful appearance as well as loose and easy to wear in a neat ponytail or a bun,” he stated.

The expert recommended getting a haircut and rid of the damaged parts as well as using nutrition masks so that the hair has a healthy luster.

“I also advise to avoid using the iron every day, except for occasions and evenings,” El Tahan added.

By Tarek El Tahan
By Tarek El Tahan

*Color trends
He affirmed that modern hair dyes have become nourishing and moisturizing for the hair, and choosing the appropriate color tone for the skin adds freshness and beauty to the face.

The beautician unveiled that trendy colors were blonde, gray, green, black, and brown.

The red, as well as red and violet highlights, are popular this summer.

The colors should be applied simply for the simplicity in the look is trendy, even for the color of the hair.

The designer recommended dyeing the last part of the hair in bold colors, as it gives more vitality and youthfulness.

By Tarek El Tahan
By Tarek El Tahan

* Hair trends
While all hair lengths are popular, the trend is leaning towards short curly hair, due to the hot weather.

For those who favor long hair, it can be eased and styled in a way that suits the face with bangs styled in different looks.

Meanwhile, the latest trends that may have worn out their welcome are braided and loose hair, because the temperature and sweat prevent the continuation of these haircuts for a long time.

Medium-length curly hair is the most appropriate for this summer’s hairstyles.

By Tarek El Tahan
By Tarek El Tahan

*Hair accessory
Hair accessories give luster, so there are the first and most colorful hair ties in joyful colors. There are silk ribbons that provide luster to curly hair, especially in summer.

Hair accessory trendy s/s 2022
Hair accessory trendy s/s 2022

*Summer bride
El Tahan prefers wavy hair with a light veil and the use of a simple accessory for the summer bride.

He also nominates the hair bun for an elegant look, but he confirms that the choice of the bride’s hairstyle involves several factors, including the personality of the bride, the dress, and the time and location.

The expert noted that if the wedding is held at a closed and air-conditioned place, then the bride should wear a curly hairstyle for a more freedom feeling.

However, if it is an outdoor event, then the hair should be tied in order not to make the bride feel the heat.

Contributed by Yara Sameh

By Tarek El Tahan
By Tarek El Tahan
By Tarek El Tahan
By Tarek El Tahan