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Best Men’s Wedding Bands

Best Men’s Wedding Bands

Wedding bands might seem simple in design most men care quite a bit about the types they’d like to wear for a lifetime. Everything from the materials to the shape to the finish play a part in the overall look and feel of a ring. Some guys prefer a sporty black titanium band while others appreciate a polished gold look. There’s rounded or rugged square edges to consider as well as hammered or inlay styles. Diamonds can be part of the design, too—in a subtle or bold ways—depending on his aesthetic. For a sentimental touch, couples might shop for coordinating bands that share similar features or have personalized engravings. The look can be unique as you want, which is great but can often lead to indecision. Even the most low-key of weddings still involves thousands of tiny decisions, after all, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

If you don’t have days to spend going around to different shops, you can absolutely find high-quality, handsome men’s wedding bands online. Granted, the downside is you can’t try them on in person. But many jewelry designers offer free shipping and no-fuss returns. To narrow your options, focus on the materials first: If he’s got sensitive skin, pure metals—gold, platinum, silver—and hypoallergenic titanium are best (stay away from nickel). Then consider the width: The most popular size is between five and six millimeters. Go for three to four millimeters if he prefers a slim, minimalist look; seven to nine millimeters if he wants to make a statement.

To figure out his ring size, you can consult handy guides or purchase a ring sizer, which is actually quite useful for purchasing women’s rings or gifts. The ideal ring shouldn’t slide around too easily on his finger but be big enough to slip comfortably over the knuckle. Once you decide on the more technical aspects, consider the stylistic details; whatever band he chooses, it should communicate his personal sense of style. Ahead, we rounded up seven of the best men’s wedding bands that appeal to different tastes, wear comfortably and will stand the test of time.

  • Best Durable Men’s Wedding Bands: David Yurman
  • Most Comfortable Men’s Wedding Bands: Mejuri
  • Best Classic Men’s Wedding Bands: Piaget
  • Best Affordable Classic Men’s Wedding Bands: Vrai
  • Best Unique Men’s Wedding Bands: Clean Origin
  • Best Men’s Wedding Band With Diamonds: Anna Sheffield
  • Best Silicone Wedding Rings For Men: Qalo

Best Durable Men’s Wedding Bands

David Yurman

Crafted in sturdy black titanium and darkened sterling silver, David Yurman’s band is a classic style that never goes out of style—both in design and craftsmanship. It’s also available in a lighter grey titanium and a variety of widths.

Most Comfortable Men’s Wedding Bands


For the minimalist, Mejuri’s 14 kata solid gold band is lightweight, smooth and streamlined. Keep it simple or add an internal engraving that’s personal to you and your partner.

Best Classic Men’s Wedding Bands


Known for its fine jewelry and watches, Piaget excels in the details especially when it comes to classic pieces. This 18k white gold ring is a perfect example with a subtle stacked effect that’s completely timeless.

Best Affordable Classic Men’s Wedding Bands


A ring that’s significant enough to stand out but versatile enough to complement any taste, Vrai’s semi-rounded wedding band is a great affordable option for under $1,000. It’s available in 18 karat yellow or white gold, 14 karat rose gold and platinum.

Best Men’s Wedding Bands Engraved

Brilliant Earth

Best Unique Men’s Wedding Bands

Clean Origin

With a layered effect and textured finish, Clean Origin’s Zachary Band is for the more modern groom. It’s available in several different metals as well as widths.

Best Men’s Wedding Band with Diamonds

Anna Sheffield

An option with a vintage sensibility, Anna Sheffield’s Virtue band is decorated with discreet black diamonds. The brand also offers personalized engravings.

Best Silicone Wedding Rings For Men


For anyone who has sensitive skin or needs a ring that can take lot of wear and tear, Qalo’s silicone bands are the way to go. This style combines the polished-edge shape of a traditional metal with the extreme durability of silicone (it’s also affordable if you’re the type that tends to lose things).