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Baby Braids Hairstyle Inspiration to Rock the Trend

Some 2000s trends just won’t go away. And it looks like tendrils are one of...

Some 2000s trends just won’t go away. And it looks like tendrils are one of them. The eternally cool boho-esque aesthetic has taken over the beauty world. From festival style to red carpet award shows, no celebrity scene is complete without a head-turning baby braid hairstyle. At this point, we’re embracing it, in oh so many chic new ways. Here are six low key ways to wear the baby braid hair trend.

1. All Braid Pony

Take a note from Kendall Jenner on this retro trend. A slicked back pony made up of tiny braids is a low effort, high impact look.

2. Loose Baby Braids

Margot Robbie single-handedly revived this trend with a simple red carpet mane moment. Undone baby braids add an effortless accent to a wavy hairstyle.

3. Baby Braids and Barrettes

Add some accessories to this 2000s aesthetic. Tiny claw clips and barrettes pair perfectly with braids.

4. Woven Braids

Weave braids throughout your loose locks for a stunning look, a la Hailey Bieber. Secured midway with clear elastics, this baby braids hairstyle is mesmerizing.

5. Baby Braids and Bun

Braids and a messy bun, is there a better duo? We’re copying Halsey’s face-framing baby braids hairstyle ASAP.

6. Tight Tendrils

Not into loose braids? You can still take on the tendril trend with tightly-woven, super secure braids.

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