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9 Skin-Care Devices Dermatologists Actually Use at Home in 2022

9 Skin-Care Devices Dermatologists Actually Use at Home in 2022

With the number of cleansers, creams, and serums there are on the market, it’s always a bit of a gamble to take a wild guess about what might really work well for you. Everyone’s skin is different, of course, but there’s something about a dermatologist recommendation that definitely bolsters confidence in a particular product. But what’s even better than a recommendation is knowing that a dermatologist actually uses a product themselves — and that’s doubly true of skin-care devices.

While you’ll be hard-pressed to find a dermatologist who would insist you need to use an at-home skin-care device, the fact that many use beauty gadgets themselves naturally speaks highly of supplementing your routine with a tool of some sort. There are more beauty devices on the market than ever before, making a wide range of complexion-improving promises, so we wanted to know exactly which ones dermatologists are personally using in order to separate the really good gadgets from the can-do-without contraptions.

Skin-care devices tend to skew expensive, but as you’ll see here, dermatologists are using tools and appliances at a range of prices, so depending on your goals, you don’t necessarily have to splurge. Check out the skin-care gadgets dermatologists not only recommend but also implement into their routines.

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