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6 Trailblazing Women In Beauty That Inspire Us Every Single Day

6 Trailblazing Women In Beauty That Inspire Us Every Single Day

We believe in celebrating the power and grit of women each and every day. However, let’s not deny that an extra day just meant to commemorate all the miracles and magic that women are responsible for creating is kinda cute too, no? Beauty as an industry began with a very linear approach. The industry catered to only a particular section of women, whether that was as consumers of beauty or as representation in our society.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen the definition of beauty take a drastic turn. The Eurocentric and society-approved version of beauty is slowly gathering dust. All of these steps towards a better understanding of beauty were the courtesy of countless women striving to make a difference every day. Whether that was on the runway, on Instagram or in the factory creating unique beauty products. After all, who run the world? GIRLS!

Prarthana Jagan

Bengaluru-based model Prarthana Jagan was bullied growing up because she was born with vitiligo. In 2016, she took a step towards celebrating the beauty of the skin she was born in and there was no looking back. Since then, Prarthana has been on magazine covers and regularly continues to partner up with a plethora of beauty brands including MAC Cosmetics for a variety of campaigns.

Madeline Stuart

Never did I imagine the conventional world of beauty and modelling would see someone as inspiring as Madeline. She’s the world’s first model with Down’s Syndrome and has encouraged so many other women to set out and achieve all that they wish. Not only has Madeline walked the runway at New York and London Fashion Week, but she has also founded Inside Out Dance back in Brisbane where she continues to support dancers with disabilities.

Ayesha Amir

In a world that only applauds influencers if they’re flaunting hella clear skin, Ayesha Amir makes noise and how! She is an Oman-based influencer who champions skin positivity in a space where you’re only acknowledged if you have blemish-free skin. Her social media posts are an empowering reminder to everyone struggling with acne, scars and open pores that it’s completely okay to love yourself and your skin just the way it is.

Rubeina Karachiwalla

The proud founder of India’s first organic makeup brand, Rubeina left her job in the PR industry to create something conscious and meaningful, and that’s how Ruby’s Organics was born. Created during a time where one couldn’t have imagined the existence of a homegrown makeup brand that doesn’t just offer impeccable quality but also transparency when it comes to product ingredients and where they’re sourced from, Ruby’s Organics continues to be a favourite for every beauty geek.

Nikita Deshpande

Could you ever imagine a college project turning into one of the country’s most-loved organic beauty brands? That’s exactly what Nikita did with Ilana. Frustrated with the fact that ethical, organic and safe skincare was either extremely hard to find or unaffordable, she decided to create Ilana. This brand offers a mix of skincare and makeup products that are super healthy for the skin and nourish it to its fullest.

Shamika Haldipurkar

Most of us have always been so perplexed when it comes down to skincare ingredients and actives, no? Figuring out which ingredient can be used when and trying to insert that into your already extensive skincare routine can be quite overwhelming. By creating D’You, Shamika aimed to offer multiple benefits in just a single product, effectively minimising your regime.

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