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5 must-have summer fashion accessories

5 must-have summer fashion accessories

5 must-have summer fashion accessories

May 11, 2022, 02:28 pm
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5 must-have summer fashion accessories
This summer, keep it simple and classy with minimal but important accessories. (Photo credit: Rawpixel)

Summer fashion is a whole different deal from the rest of the year.

With the scorching heat threatening us, and the high humidity in the air, we must dress and accessorize in a certain way that is both stylish and summer-friendly.

Choosing accessories to match your clothes may seem easy until you actually get to it.

Without going overboard, keep it simple but classy.

If you’re planning to wear shorts, dresses, a chiffon saree, or a swimsuit, a pair of sunglasses is a must.

Not only do we need to protect our skin from harmful UV rays but also our eyes.

Get a large pair of shades in bold or quirky colors to stand out in the crowd giving the Sun a cold shoulder!

Stepping out in the summer means carrying a hell lot of items, basic survival items as well as add-ons like water bottles, an umbrella, makeup, a cooling mist, sunscreen, a scarf, and maybe a change of clothes.

A spacious bag is a must if you are stepping out during the day.

Invest in a good quality holdall to store your belongings safely.

It is pretty difficult to wear covered footwear and get through the day during summer.

This is the time to show some skin and let your feet feel free and breezy.

A pair of easy-take-off sandals are a must to get through the hot season.

If you’re worried about tanned feet, simply apply sunscreen on your feet as well.

This summer, don’t forget to cover your head with a fancy hat. Why? Well, the hat will protect you from the sun and prevent you from getting a heatstroke.

The rim around hats also provides shade to your shoulders and hair, shielding them from the harsh UV rays.

You can also look sporty with a baseball cap, that’ll protect your eyes from sun damage.

A long necklace looks great with plunging necklines, be it dresses, or casual tops.

You can also wear them with collared shirts, or regular t-shirts for work or a meet-up with your gals!

You can pair a long necklace with chunky bangles, cuffs, and no earrings.

Buy the ones with multiple layers, an interesting pendant, or some detailing all over.