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18 best women’s dress pants for back to work in the office

18 best women’s dress pants for back to work in the office

Ah, back to the office. A phenomenon that didn’t exist in 2020 (and hey, even 2021 for some), but now it’s in full swing.

While we’d love to wear our button-down tops and pajama pants forever, trekking back to your 9-to-5 requires an early morning wake-up, a good cup of coffee (perhaps made with one of the best coffee grinders) and some comfy work pants that are easy to throw on.

You may want to resort to an easy-breezy work dress or a flowy, less-than-$50 dress from Amazon. We love those too — especially with a convenient work tote — but on some days, a flattering pair of dress pants is the move.

Whether you prefer budget-friendly styles (ahem, Amazon) for stocking up on more than one pair or some investment-worthy pieces to wear quite often, we have a style, price point and outlet for you to shop from.

Ahead, find the 18 best women’s dress pants for returning back to the office. Along with the best spring audible books and a quality pair of wireless earbuds for less than $100, your commute will be hassle-free, especially when sporting one of these comfortable pairs.

Lee Relaxed Fit All-Day Straight Leg Pant, black

As a No. 1 bestseller on Amazon, it’s hard to resist Lee’s Relaxed Fit All-Day Straight Leg Pant for just $35. They’re available in a bunch of neutral and dark tones, made with silky-soft fabric that gives the illusion of a slim lower.

Grace Karin High-Waist Bow-Knot Pant, khaki

If there’s one thing we’re excited about when returning to office life, it’s bow-tie pants. For less than $35, Grace Karin has a snag-worthy pair with the daintiest bow details at the ankles to match its waist. Plus, these smooth pants are great for a night out.


We can’t get over how professional and flattering Keeyo’s High-Waist Bootcut Dress Pants are for just $14. The parallel button detailing caught our eye, along with the pleats and how they’re available in even more hues.

Maeve The Colette Cropped Linen Wide-Leg Pants, fuschia

OK, we were surely struck by Anthropologie’s Wide-Leg Pants, which are all the rage right now. The brand is known for its elevated classics and uprooted the classic flare pants into a linen style with two front-facing pockets that are work-ready.

Harlow Wide-Leg Pants, black

Madewell is a one-stop-shop for all things timeless and feel-good. Its Harlow Wide-Leg Pants are certainly no exception, available in khaki as well. Not to mention, the sailor-inspired pleat details make it extra cute for the office.

Spanx The Perfect Pant: Hi-Rise Flare, navy

If we weren’t already sold by Spanx’s leggings (which we reviewed and loved), we are head over heels for The Perfect Pant. Its name isn’t an exaggeration, either; the subtle flare and butt-flattering design make it worth the $148 price ticket.

Mid-Rise Supersoft Twill Slim Pant, navy

As a personal favorite that’s snug in all the right places, Express’ Mid-Rise Supersoft Twill Slim Pant is a staple to steal. For less than $100, they’ll soon turn into your favorite work pants, too, namely for their slimming fit and soft-to-the-touch feel.

A New Day High-Rise Tapered D-Ring-Belted Ankle Pants, gray

Yes, Target has just about everything — including an impressive selection of women’s work pants. These D-Ring-Belted Ankle Pants by A New Day just screams “corporate,” but cater to a more relaxed fit that’s sure to keep you comfortable and productive all day long.

Tronjori High-Waist Palazzo Trousers, neutral

We couldn’t forego a mention of Tronjori’s High-Waist Palazzo Trousers — available in nearly every color under the sun on Specifically, this neutral design is a match-all pair of bottoms, especially when paired with comfy heels.

Honeylove EverReady Pant, navy

After reviewing Honeylove, the EverReady Pant was one of our favorite selects. Its to-the-body fit is like wearing work-appropriate leggings all day and is some of the coziest we own.

High-Waist Seam Detail Pants, dusty pink

Tickle us blushed, because we adore these High-Waist Seam-Detail Pants that don’t even cost $20. Available in black and khaki, too, the well-defined pleated design coupled with the flattering high-waisted fit is enough to add to our wishlists.

T Tahari Scuba Crepe Pants with Front Buckle, blue

We don’t know what Kate Middleton would wear to the office, but we’re thinking it would look something like T Tahari’s Scuba Crepe Pants. Clad with a front buckle, the regency-level blue surely looks more than $88, offering a narrow, loose fit and a vibrant tone to your outfit.

Pink Corduroy Pants

Another personal favorite, Cider’s Pink Corduroy Pants add more texture to your in-office look and are one of the most relaxed-fit pairs we always reach to. For less than $30, they’re equally as great for going out for a weekend brunch or a shopping trip.

Patch-Pocket Slim Boyfriend Chino Pant, light blue

Meet one of J.Crew’s bestsellers: the Patch-Pocket Slim Boyfriend Chino Pant. Available in several spring-ready colors — along with traditional neutral tones — we love this sky blue shade that’s a unique take on your go-to jeans.

The '80s Italian Wool Pant. blue

Don’t these dress pants just look comfy? Well, that’s Everlane’s mission — supplying basics that look professional but simply feel like your favorite loungewear sets.

The ’80s Italian Wool Pant isn’t one to skip on. From its adjustable side bustles and cozy wool feel, they’re bottoms deserving of a spot in your wardrobe.

Just Wing It Paperbag Waist Cropped Pants, khaki

Ah, the paperbag. Invest in this $54 pair that’ll last you for years of commuting, working and living your best life (because these pants are too cute to live life any other way). The oversize button detailing and subtle front pocket stitches are nice touches, too.

Sophisticated Take High-Waisted Trouser Pants, yellow

Hello yellow! We adore these High-Waisted Trouser Pants for adding a pop of color to your traditional corporate attire. Plus, if you want to enjoy a few drinks with your coworkers or go out in town after you clock out, there’s no better pair than these.

The Meija Pant, taupe

The Meija Pants will keep you cool, calm and collected when typing away and going through your inbox. The neutral gray is something that’s sure to match the dozens of work tops in your closet and the pair is especially flattering with its exaggerated waistband.

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